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Brian Hicks
April 01, 2011

Brian Hicks

Author & Humorous Sales/Motivational Speaker

"If I'd have asked my customers
what they wanted,
they would have told me
'a faster horse."
- Henry Ford (1863-1947)
Founder, Ford Motor Company
Father of the Modern Assembly Line

Ever wonder why your family
and friends
don't seem to get it;
why they don't see
your new world as clearly as
you do?

There's a simple reason for that:
It's not their dream.

Ford's new world
was a complete departure,
was it not?

The average person
couldn't conceive of what
Henry Ford was about to unleash.

And so it is with you.

If your new world is a departure,
you can't ask your family & friends
"What do you think?"
and then rely totally on
their response
to make your decisions.

Because it's not their dream,
they don't know what they don't know.

they will offer advice based on
what they do know.

For example,
instead of telling you to "go for it"
and create that new business,
they'll tell you to
"get a better job"
because a better job is safe.
It makes sense.
It's what you do when you're
unfulfilled in your current job,
isn't it?

I mean,
"who would be crazy enough
to go solo in this economy?"

When you're creating a new world,
ask for opinions
but remember you're asking
people who can't see what
you see.

Remember that
you have to create
the encouragement
and the motivation
and the flame tending,
since you're the only one
who can see the finished product!

Stop seeking the validation
of family & friends
and you just might
Astound Yourself Today!


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