Brian Biro Text Reviews

Thank you for sharing the Allison story with us, thank you for your enthusiasm and energy, thank you for being so genuine and real! You have a true gift in the way you communicate with others!
T.R. - Helzberg Diamonds
We have extremely high standards of excellence at Accenture. We seek to bring our professionals the very best speakers and teachers . . . You have now achieved this outstanding performance four consecutive times for us.
S.R., Senior Partner - Accenture
If I had known how dynamic you were prior to the Conference, I would have scheduled you for more time. You totally blew all of our minds! I must share with you, more than one person came up to me afterwards and said "you changed their life."
K.C. - Southwest Airlines Co.
I'm not sure words can express how incredibly blown away we all were by your visit last week! Of all the speakers I've booked and all of the experiences I personally have encountered, the two hours with you topped them all.
C.K., Director - Sprint
As a company we have always tried to focus on developing our people. Without a doubt, the material you presented and your energy during the workshop has done more for our team realizing its full potential than anything we've done in the past.
President - IKON Office Solutions
My team has seen many speakers over the years--but no one taught them, inspired them, moved them the way you did.
A.J.E. - Senior VP, AIMCO
Words cannot express how deeply you touched us with your inspiration and enthusiasm! You exceeded our expectations as an inspirational speaker, and left our group of two hundred executives speechless, teary-eyed, exuberant, motivated.
J.B. - Target Stores
This presentation in particular impressed me in how you touched our Partners and Managers, a crowd generally indifferent to most motivational speakers. One Partner commented to me, 'he had no idea how he affects peoples lives.'
N.M.O. - Aurthur Anderson
I have never attended a workshop where I felt so much energy and was able to participate at such a high level. I laughed, I cried, and I was inspired. And you taught me to 'be present' and to appreciate every precious moment . . .
P.S. - Rocky Mountain Laboratories
Bringing you to Columbia has been one of the smartest things I've ever done in my professional career--it is so gratifying to see the postive evergy and winning attitude in our people! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to 'play full out' with you.
S.S. - Colonial Life Insurance
Brian had the audience laughing, crying (in a good way!) and completely engaged from the moment he took the stage until the very end. They each walked out with something meaningful to them, whether it was a professional or personal breakthrough.
Leigh Bowsher, Manager Communications & Events - Limited Too
I cannot begin to thank you enough for your very uplifting message! It was so good to see you again and I can tell you that you are doing a great thing with your life. You are able to change people's lives - the way they think and the way they can start the process of believing in themselves. There are so many people out there that have suffered so much in their lives from different experiences that they were not able to control. When you talked about you and your Dad, I know there were several men in our group who teared up and I would say you hit home with a few. This Retreat was great for the reason that we gave information for help that they needed in their position, but we also gave help for their personal lives.
Karen S. President - Smith Dairy Queens Ltd.