Brian Fleming | Suicide Bombing Survivor & Thought Leader on Human Resilience

Brian Fleming

Suicide Bombing Survivor & Thought Leader on Human Resilience

Brian Fleming
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Current: Overcome Life's Unexpected Changes- with Brian Fleming

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Overcome Life's Unexpected Changes- with Brian Fleming
Time 01:14
6 Leadership Takeaways From A Combat Veteran
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How to Stand Firm When Everything Around You Is Blowing Up!

(Brian's most popular keynote!)

In this talk, Brian shares his tragic, yet inspiring war story from Afghanistan and reveals the 3 common habits of the world's most resilient people and how you and your audience can immediately use them in life & business to overcome personal challenges, successfully adapt to change, and connect with more people on a deeper level.

How to Overcome Unexpected Change In A Constantly Changing World

Most organizations are losing enormous amounts of money every year because they don’t know how to adapt to changes in the marketplace fast enough. Brian Fleming will show your organization a proven military framework for adapting to unexpected challenges so your organization will continue to grow and thrive. 

When you understand how a battlefield works, you’ll understand how to make your organization adapt and grow. Book Brian today!

Your audience members will walk away knowing how to:

  • Quickly adapt to the constant and unexpected changes in the marketplace
  • Unify all of your departments and employees around a common mission
  • Clarify communication among your teams (so they can accomplish more in less time)
  • Understand their roles better and why their role matters
  • Create a stronger sense of unity among your team members and departments
  • All of your employees understand each other and are on the same page
  • More productive daily engagement between leaders and their team members
  • Employees are motivated to succeed more
  • Lead engaging meetings that aren’t boring that people want to attend 
  • Everyone knows how to respond to unexpected challenges because they are all aligned around the same common & proven framework for quickly adapting to change

The Resilient Leader- How to Become the Leader Others Want to Follow

Brian will teach your audience combat-proven "Resilience Strategies" based on centuries of warfare that all leaders, in any business, can immediately and practically apply to their organizations in order to gain more respect and loyalty from those under them, while inspiring their subordinates to be more committed and productive everyday.

Battlefield Safety
How to Minimize Risk and Accomplish Your Mission

The marketplace is a war zone. In today’s fast-paced world, every organization is at higher risk than ever before. More risk of people getting hurt. More risk of employees violating regulations and policies. More risk of people cutting corners when nobody is looking, thus increasing your risk of being held responsible for circumstances beyond your control.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this talk, combat-wounded veteran Brian Fleming teaches time-tested and proven battlefield safety principles he learned while fighting the ground war in Afghanistan. He will inspire your audience while teaching them how to immediately apply these same principles within your own organization so you can minimize your level of risk and exposure while accomplishing your mission. These principles work in war and they will work for you.

Brian Fleming
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Brian Fleming

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