Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming, Sportsmen's Banquet  military, military speakers Brian Fleming, Sportsmen's Banquet  military, military speakers

Brian Fleming Speech Topics

How to Stand Firm When Everything Around You Is Blowing Up!
(Brian's most popular keynote!) In this talk, Brian shares his tragic, yet inspiring war story from Afghanistan and reveals the 3 common habits of the world's most resilient people and how you and your audience can immediately use them in life & business to overcome personal challenges,...
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The Resilient Leader- How to Become the Leader Others Want to Follow
Brian will teach your audience combat-proven "Resilience Strategies" based on centuries of warfare that all leaders, in any business, can immediately and practically apply to their organizations in order to gain more respect and loyalty from those under them, while inspiring their subordinates to...
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Battlefield Safety: How to Minimize Risk and Accomplish Your Mission
The marketplace is a war zone. In today’s fast-paced world, every organization is at higher risk than ever before. More risk of people getting hurt. More risk of employees violating regulations and policies. More risk of people cutting corners when nobody is looking, thus increasing your risk of...
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Develop More Resilient, Winning Teams
Discover real-life military war tactics to help your team win it's daily battles. Life and death scenarios are the ultimate test of a team's ability to endure challenges and win, which is why military units have developed the best teamwork strategies and frameworks in the world- because their...
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