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Brad Shuck, Employee Engagement NSB, Organizational Development, leadership, productivity, Productivity and Performance Brad Shuck, Employee Engagement NSB, Organizational Development, leadership, productivity, Productivity and Performance
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Brad Shuck

Award Winning Author, Keynote Speaker, Leading Authority on Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture

About Brad Shuck

Brad Shuck is one of the most recognized experts on employee engagement, organizational culture, and employee health and wellbeing in the world. He is a sought-after international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and global consultant to some of the most admired companies across the globe. Shuck is the most published and widely recognized expert on employee engagement and organizational culture in the United States.

An award-winning speaker, author, and thought leader, Brad is a skilled and artful ...

Dr. Brad Shuck is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. His keynotes are motivational, inspiring, and personal. He has presented multiple workshops and keynotes at the Annual KYSHRM Conference over the past five years and he ALWAYS receives high marks and attracts large numbers of attendees. As a planner, I can tell you he is easy and enjoyable to work with and very responsive to all requests. I wholeheartedly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a great speaker on employee engagement, leadership, or culture management. I guarantee, you'll thank me if you do!

Jim Ford, SVP, Business Services - Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

If you want a compelling, genuine, memorable experience that prompts action to drive, sustain and empower employee engagement, Dr. Brad Shuck is the real deal. Brad's presentations are authentic, inspirational, specific and actionable. As a researcher and scholar-practitioner, Brad translates research into practice that drives results and outcomes. If you want to drive organization performance, business results and fuel human flourishing, Brad will show you the way.

Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, CMP, Vice President of Operations - Ewald Consulting

Dr. Brad Shuck is the definition of an excellent partner. I have worked with him for several years in the capacity of promoting his thought-leadership in the areas of employee engagement, sales motivation, behavioral economics and inspiration. He has delivered many live and virtual keynotes across the US and globally for BI WORLDWIDE. He has spoken to audiences as large as 1,500 and as intimate as 10, sharing his research and insights. He has a knack for making it seem like he is talking directly to every person in the session. Dr. Shuck takes pride in delivering above and beyond what is asked and is always willing to do the extra to support a client or partner. We think of Brad as a direct member of our team; when you work with Brad, you know he will do everything in his power to make sure you are successful.

Betsy Schneider, VP of Marketing - BI Worldwide

It is both my pleasure and honor to acknowledge Dr. Brad Shuck as a vibrant and focus speaker. His keynote presentations are strategic to today's critical issues and as a workshop leader he offers a unique style of facilitating that engages participation from everyone. His high energy and flexibility to work with a variety of topics has brought great insights to many of our local and statewide HR communities. He has an innate ability to connect and motivate his audiences. Dr. Brad offers his passion and commitment to the subject matter at hand and the expertise to back it up!

Patrick J. Smith, Chair - Patrick J. Smith, Chair

Dr. Brad Shuck is one of a few people that we've ever had present that is able to mesmerize people with his stories while teaching them complex and vital information. We had Brad on both our podcast and as a presenter at our Nudge It North conference. What I love about Brad is the energy and excitement he brings to his presentations - his passion for his topic transfers to the audience. You can feel them leaning in to the stories and embracing the information in a way that you know will make a difference in their lives.

Kurt Nelson, PhD, President - he Lantern Group, Inc.

Brad brings his heart for compassionate leadership and employee engagement to our faculty leadership development program at the UofL Health Sciences Center. His passion and energy for these topics comes shining through, holding the audience on the edge of their seats, even in virtual presentations. You won't make a mistake if Brad Shuck is speaking to your group.

Jerry Rabalais, M.D., M.H.A., Professor - Pediatric Infectious Diseases
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