Boris Cherniak

Boris Cherniak Boris Cherniak

Boris Cherniak Text Reviews

Boris never ceases to amaze!
Howie Mandel - Talk Show host / Comedian
The Incredible Boris lived up to both his name and reputation!
TV Show - Open Mike with Mike Bullard, CTV, Comedy Channel
World-renowned, the most incredible person in this genre!
Montel Williams - Talk Show host
I don't believe what I just saw!
Arsenio Hall - Talk Show host / Comedian
Elevating hypnotism from parlor shtick to a comedic state of mind!
publication - Entertainment Weekly
Unsurpassable, not a dull moment!
radio station - KGON/KFXX Radio, Portland, OR
Prepare to gasp in wonder.
publication - Toronto Sun
Quite simply the most amazing show ever!
radio station - KLIF Radio, Dallas, TX