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C.H.A.R.T.I.N.G. Your Course For Success

Motivation involves "moving people into action," and Bob Alexander knows what it takes to do just that! With this eight-step formula that addresses the qualities necessary for success, Bob lays a foundation which leads individuals and organizations to greater achievement. His presentations are...

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Making It Happen

In this high energy, fun-filled seminar, Bob teaches the leadership principles revealed in his book, Making It Happen: Leadership Keys For People Who Must Produce Results. Participants will leave with a proven, practical blueprint for achieving results that will inspire their employees to greater...

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Sales-Man-Ship: C.H.A.R.T.I.N.G. Your Course For Successful Selling

The difference between ordinary and superstar sales performance is the second-mile effort that successful professionals are willing to give. This program combines motivation together with specific sales techniques. Customized to meet the needs of every audience, this presentation is a must for...

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A C.H.A.R.T. For Leadership

What qualities define a leader? How do individuals gain positions of leadership? What attributes do managers and executives have in common? What impact does good leadership have in the workplace setting? In this fast-paced program, Bob explains and encourages development of qualities shared by...

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Professional Telephone Sales Skills

Proficient telephone skills are vital to the growth of an organization. In this session, Bob covers critical listening skills, proper use of the voice, preparation skills, the right way to handle objections, and how to close the sale.

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Managing and Motivating A Successful Team

Undoubtedly, one of the toughest challenges leaders face is how to effectively manage and motivate a team. In this presentation, Bob shares a proven, time-tested formula that inspires teammates to become team players.

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Leadership Through Teamwork

In this presentation, Bob teaches how to create team spirit through improved relationships between team members. He clarifies the importance of goals by showing how to set and reach personal goals, and he covers all the principles for effective leadership to be actualized.

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Attitudes of High Achievers

As an accomplished black-belt karate instructor and marathon runner, Bob has total credibility when discussing the transference of assertive attitudes from athletics to business. In this session, he shares ways to develop principles based on a winning mind set, as he shows participants how to...

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Getting to

Successful negotiating skills don't just happen! Bob shares the components of refined persuasion skills which he acquired and developed over his career.

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The Qualities Of Success

What qualities give successful people a competitive edge? How are such qualities developed? Bob knows how to help people recognize and apply the characteristics of success within them. In this enjoyable, high-impact, humorous presentation, he presents a blueprint for achievement which will...

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Being Your B.E.S.T

To communicate effectively would you approach Ross Perot the same way you would Mother Teresa? Contrast what you would say or do in a selling situation with Oprah Winfrey vs. Tom Landry. Obviously, one should adapt a communication style that appeals to the listener. In this practical, fun-filled...

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How To Implement Self-Directed Work Teams

What is a self-directed work team?
Why have they become the management structure for today's most profitable companies? Plain and simple - they work! In this seminar, Bob presents a self-directed team model, the stages of team development, and implementation issues which should be addressed...

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How to Make Your Personal, Family, and Business life G.E.L.

In our hurry up, get-it-done-yesterday society, we often find ourselves "stretched" and "stressed" in many directions at once. Bob Shares three characteristics that are common threads in the lives of successful people; he also teaches how to implement them in day-to-day living.

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Additonal Topics

-Change Is Inevitable, Misery Is Optional
-Coaching For Success
-Love, Honor and Cherish Your Customers (Or Your Competition Will)
-Powerful Presentation Skills: The Key to Effective Communication

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