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May 30, 2023
The Secrets of Rockstar Performance Revealed
By Mark Schulman
Mark Schulman is a monster drummer who's toured the world with some of the greatest rock and pop performers. He's played before crowds as big as 225,000 and with artists like P!NK, Billy Idol, ...
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May 15, 2023
The Recipe for Financial Freedom
By Michelle Singletary
In the world of personal finance, knowledge is power. And you already have the power to become richer than you think. Those were the key messages from nationally syndicated personal finance columnist ...
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May 01, 2023
9 Leadership Lessons From the Greatest Boss I Ever Had
By Ryan Estis
Ryan Estis - CEO | Keynote Speaker |Sales & Leadership I walked into the restaurant 5 minutes early for our 6:30 p.m. reservation. He was waiting to greet me by the bar. He was ...
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May 01, 2023
The 4 Mistakes Public Speakers Make & How You Can Avoid Them
By Jon Acuff
Welcome to our final week of Summer School! This week, we're talking about what I think is the best job in the world, public speaking. I know some of you shuddered just thinking ...
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April 28, 2023
AI In Ag: Greater Than Green Revolution?
By Andrew Busch
The agriculture industry has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology, and in recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic among industry ...
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April 13, 2023
Harnessing the power of emotional intelligence to transform the way you live, love, and lead.
By Dr. Rob Murray
The Heart-Engaged EQ System "Do you think emotional intelligence (EQ) is important for leadership development and effectiveness?";It's a question I ...
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April 12, 2023
AI In Financial Services: Only Users Will Survive
By Andrew Busch
Artificial intelligence (AI) has long captured the human imagination. From Arthur Clarke's seminal novel2001: A Space Odyssey, to Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous role as the Terminator, the ...
April 11, 2023
Premiere + AI: Leading with the Human Element
By Shawn Hanks
A sea change is upon us. Artificial Intelligence has brought positive impact to many industries for years, and advancements in AI, and now more specifically AGI, promise more rapid change in the coming days. ...
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March 08, 2023
Two Strategies Hiring Managers Miss When Sourcing Young Candidates
By Bruce Tulgan
Whether you are hiring young people on the high end or the lower end of the talent spectrum, my guess is that you need to increase your supply of new job applicants. How ...
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March 08, 2023
Software that Writes Itself? Low Code / No Code Applications have Arrived
By Daniel Burrus
One technological advancement that is taking companies by storm is something that most businesses or organizations likely did not see coming, nor did many consider ...

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