Bill Rancic

Bill Rancic celebrity, entrepreneur, the apprentice, Giuliana, NSB Bill Rancic celebrity, entrepreneur, the apprentice, Giuliana, NSB

Bill Rancic Speech Topics

The Pause and Pivot Method
From a boat washing business in college to a million-dollar business and restaurant empire, Bill Rancic’s road to success has been paved with the ups and downs that anyone in business will have to overcome. This is a story you might hear again and again in the world of business speaking, but that...
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In Sickness and in Health
Television Personalities, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Entrepreneurs, Executive Producers, Restaurateurs, Marketing Experts, Fertility Patients, Breast Cancer Survivor… Bill and Giuliana Rancic make a powerful team. Most people are familiar with this couple from watching their life...
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For The Entrepreneur
From running a multi-million dollar company and working for Donald Trump to developing real estate in Chicago, Bill Rancic is the definition of a true entrepreneur. Bill got his first big break when he won the first season of NBC’s The Apprentice. After winning The Apprentice, Bill was the first...
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How to Succeed in Business and Life
Many strategies helped make Bill Rancic a successful entrepreneur. From starting a boat wash and wax business while in college to running a million dollar company and working for Donald Trump, Bill will share the ups and downs on his road to success. Bill’s talk gives the audience a glimpse on...
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How to Use Challenging Times to your Advantage
Knowing your stuff, knowing your boss’s stuff, and knowing your competitor’s stuff will help you get ahead in challenging times. Strategies like Setting the Standard, Rejecting Conventional Wisdom and Thinking like a Big Fish in a Small Pond are topics that Bill will discuss to get you through...
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Innovation: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur in Corporate America
You know Bill Rancic as a successful entrepreneur. He embodies entrepreneurial traits that are translatable to any business that wants to increase its return on investment, improve its market share or enjoy a more productive, motivated workforce.
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