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Ariane de Bonvoisin
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Ariane de Bonvoisin
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The 9 Principles of Change
Helping People Navigate Change Successfully

In this talk, we will discuss the principles that make people successfully navigate all types of normal life transitions, from relationship and career changes, to financial and health changes.

Most of us hate change, think we are bad at change and feel overwhelmed at the thought of making a change, especially the older we get. Yet change is always a certainty in life. Ariane will share the 9 Principles of how to transition easily and gracefully.

Based on thousands of interactions with people going through all types of transitions, there are proven ways to make these times easier.

Key Takeaways:
• How to discover what you actually want, what your dreams are, what’s next for you beyond family, children and your focus up until now
• The fundamental excuses and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward
• How ‘change optimists’ think and act
• What is your change muscle and how to find it
• How to handle your change demons, all those emotions that feel overwhelming
• What you can control when you’re in the midst of a transition and what you can’t
• Your change support team, who’s on it and who shouldn’t be
• The main guarantee of fulfillment and a life of meaning
• Finding your spiritual side and what your soul wants to do at this time in your life

With lively examples, questions for the audience to explore their own lives and current circumstances, Ariane will lead an informal and relaxed conversation around the subject of transitions that we all grapple with. They will leave with a feeling of courage, inspiration and a sense of very real possibility.

Health and Mental Wellness for High Performance Organizations

Ariane is passionate about inspiring people to live conscious and meaningful lives. Most people working these days suffer from stress, busyness, over-connectedness due to technology, lack of balance, health challenges, problems in the areas of family and personal relationships and an overall lack of meaning and purpose as to what their lives are really about. Mindfulness and a more conscious way of working has been introduced into many companies with outstanding results, and yet sometimes it lacks practicality or most people refer to it only as breathing and meditation.

In this talk, Ariane introduces concepts that she researched for her program Mindful365, which helps users to be mindful in every area of life from your work, your finances, your relationship, your family, your friendships, emotional well being and your relationship to a Higher Purpose. The program’s core focus is on being mindful and conscious in a practical and meaningful way to create real change.

Ariane with her own background in the corporate world and her passion for learning and personal development, is the ideal person to bridge these two and share them. Her captive audiences leave feeling inspired, more relaxed, more present, and more able to handle anything that comes their way.

Key Takeaways:
• Overall improvement in wellness, happiness and the ability to handle stress
• Practical examples and tools for how to be conscious and mindful to create a better life
• The new definition of life balance and finding your Non-Negotiables
• How and where to add meaning and contribution to your work
• Managing the mind, its fears, its questions, its negativity
• Managing uncertainty and the unknown
• Making mindful decisions about yourself and your future
• Overcoming the perfection and disapproval programs that run our lives
• The foundation of health and following your true heart’s desire
• The ability to stay present and calm in the midst of great challenges

Ariane talks in a friendly conversational way, leading her audience to understand what it means to live and work consciously a day at a time. She includes engaging personal stories and very practical suggestions for them to be able to immediately take on mindful concepts in whichever area of their life they feel most needs them.

Parenting and Productivity
Tools to help Parents manage Work and Kids

Parenting skills are the next frontier for happy, healthy and productive employees. When parents feel heard, understood and taken care of, they show up differently at work. In a culture of performance, deadlines and profitability, employees struggle to be good parents as well and often feel as though being a good parent is traded off against work. When issues with children show up at home, they affect performance. By aiding their employees, employers demonstrate a willingness to help them on their most important role outside the office.

In this talk, Ariane helps parents with skills to nurture their spirit, to establish good healthy routines, to help with guilt, blame and balancing work and parenting. She creates an environment of authenticity and connection that employees can feel they don’t have to hide the fact that they have kids, but that their company truly values this role as well. She also teaches new skills that all kids need to know and develop for the world that is coming. Parents are left with a new tool-box of how to deal with everyday challenges of raising kids while also showing up in the best way possible at work.

Ariane de Bonvoisin
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