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Annette Breaux, Teaching Principles Teaching Principles, education motivation Annette Breaux, Teaching Principles Teaching Principles, education motivation

Annette Breaux Text Reviews

Annette Breaux is the epitome of quality professional development! She is a dynamic presenter who provides proven, practical strategies for quality teaching. We invite her back year after year!
Debbie P. Hill, Ed.D., Director of Leadership Development - Principals' Executive Program, UNC-Chapel Hill
Annette Breaux presented an incredibly wonderful and inspiring opening day in-service for all of our staff. She made an enormous impression on everyone who attended. I highly recommend her as a motivational speaker for any school district.
Dr. Merle Horowitz, Superintendent - Marple Newton Schools, Pennsylvania
Annette was an inspirational speaker who motivated our entire staff to approach this school year with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and pride. Staff members commented that Annette was the best in-service presenter they have ever heard!
Merle Horowitz - Superintendent, Marple Newtown Schools, Pennsylvania
I've heard Annette Breaux several times, and have personally always been impressed, which is why I worked so hard to get her to our district!
Mitchie Neel - Blount County Schools
Annette Breaux is an incredibly motivating speaker. She makes teachers laugh, she makes them reflect on their practices, and she inspires them to keep children at the heart of all they do. One of the best speakers I've ever heard!
Paulette Grady, Assistant Principal - Liberty Township, Ohio
Our members can't stop talking about your terrific presentation. Uplifting, great, wonderful, awesome, etc. are just a few of the adjectives administrators are using when speaking of your session.
L. Earl Franks, Executive Director - Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools
I noticed that there is not one negative comment. Awesome! You truly have a gift as an educator and I just wish I could reach half of your potential. We had a great opening today and I can directly attribute it to your work.
Kenneth Delcambre, Principal - South Terrebonne High School
Annette Breaux is a top-tier trainer and presenter because she operates on ground level - with real stories about real people and real strategies for real classrooms - and she frames her presentations with heartfelt humor, deep insights and straightforward reminders of why educators' work is so valuable and necessary. It has been a joy to witness her ongoing impact on educators working in our local district's most challenging settings.
Todd Mouton, Executive Director - Pugh Family Foundation