Andrew Winston Text Reviews

Your talk was so energizing... You did a wonderful job balancing tangible facts, with action to be taken... With great humor along the way. Thanks again for such an inspiring message.
President - The North Face
Andrew has a preternatural ability to perform, please, and above all leave everyone cheering. His insight into the industry is incomparable . . .
CEO - The Carbon War Room
Winston's approach is ideal for companies working through these tough economic times. Green Recovery shows how companies use technology and green thinking to create smarter, stronger businesses that do well in good times and bad.
Chief Environmental Strategist - Microsoft
Green to Gold provides the definitive thinking on how business leaders can address environmental issues.
Professor - Harvard Business School
The summit was a major success. The seeds Andrew planted were powerful. He spoke in a way that connected a logic that was both businesses inspired and ecologically inspired.
Case Western Reserve University
Andrew Winston delivers a vision of the future that's hard to find anywhere else.
National Association for Environmental Management
You nailed it! Your presentation was perfect and helped to set the stage for the work that the group would do for the next two days
Vice President - Clarke
Andrew has a way of inspiring people to think differently with regards to embracing innovation, which leads to creating a more competitive edge in the marketplace.
CEO - Koppers Inc.
There are speakers who are charismatic and inspiring. There are speakers with rich, compelling content grounded in solid research. Andrew Winston is one of the rare speakers who provides equal measures of both.
Former VP of Content Development - California Building Industry Association