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Alexander Tsiaras

Founder and CEO of Anatomical Travelogue

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About Alexander Tsiaras

Alexander Tsiaras is the Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Mr. Tsiaras grew out of his already well-established journalism enterprise. His self-styled journalistic career began in 1972 when, at the age of 19, he co-authored his first book Death Rituals of Rural Greece (Princeton University Press), and went on to Conception to Birth, Architecture and Design of Man and Woman and the InVision Guides to Healthy Heart, Sexual Health and Life Blood. Recipient of ...

Always moving, occasionally disquieting, Tsiaras's visual explorations of the human body are compelling visual stories that show what an amazing thing the body is. He displays them . . . hoping to change how people think about health, and their bodies.

Avery Comarow, Health Rankings Editor - U.S. New & World Report

Striking anatomical images . . . Their purpose: To wow and inform.

Washington Post

A step into medicine's future.

Chicago Tribune

These images capture life and in their association with illness show it at its most mysterious and most vulnerable . . . A magical anatomy tour.

The New York Times

If there is to be an Audubon of the human form, Tsiaras can make rightful claim to the title.


A fascinating look at the inner workings of the human body.

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