Alex Honnold | World-Renowned Rock Climber & Star of Academy Award-Winning Free Solo

Alex Honnold

World-Renowned Rock Climber & Star of Academy Award-Winning Free Solo

Alex Honnold
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Speaking Reel
Time 02:31
TED: How I Climbed a 3,000-Foot Vertical Cliff Without Ropes
Time 11:50

Mastering Your Craft

Alex shares his insights on how he mastered his craft and what it takes to achieve excellence in any field. He will talk about his passion, his training, his mindset, and his philosophy of life. He will also address the risks, the rewards, and the ethical implications of his daring feats. Gain inspiration and earn valuable lessons on how to overcome your fears, challenge your limits, and pursue your dreams.


Alex reveals how he prepares for his extraordinary climbs and what goes into planning, scouting, rehearsing, and executing his missions. He will explain how he studies the routes, memorizes the moves, trains his body, and calms his mind. He will also share some of the tools, techniques, and strategies that he uses to cope with uncertainty, adversity, and failure. Whether you are a climber or not, you will be fascinated by his process and learn practical tips on how to prepare for any challenge in life.

Risk Management

Alex discusses how he manages the risk involved in his extreme sport and what he does to minimize the chances of injury. He will describe how he assesses the difficulty, the conditions, and his own readiness before attempting a climb, and reveal how he deals with fear, doubt, and pressure during a climb. Learning from Alex's unique perspective you'll find valuable lessons on how to manage risk in any situation in life.

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Alex Honnold

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