Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan NSB, leadership, community, workplace culture, personal development, employee empowerment, Entrepreneurship Alex Banayan NSB, leadership, community, workplace culture, personal development, employee empowerment, Entrepreneurship

Alex Banayan Text Reviews

The feedback about Alex Banayan's keynote has been off the charts. It was an outstanding event! Alex knocked it out of the park!
Andy Sieg, President - Merrill Lynch
Banayan is one of the most professional and polished speakers I've worked with. And his talk couldn't have gone better. His stories were enthralling, his insights were incredibly tangible and his message was spot on.
Megan Green, Head of Google Play Business Development - Google
After Banayan's keynote at Disney, we sent out a survey to all the attendees. I must say, it was the feedback we've ever received from any speaker. Hands down.
LaurieAllred, Head of Y@DCP - Disney
When Alex Banayan spoke at my department's off-site, his energy was contagious, his stories were inspiring, and his ideas pushed my team's leadership. If you're looking for someone with insight and passion, then Banayan is your man.
Jesse Stollak, VP of Football Marketing - Nike
The speech was an absolute home run. And it changed my life.
Brad Smith, CEO - Intuit
The crowd was buzzing for the entire rest of the day after Alex Banayan's keynote. His energy and enthusiasm struck a chord with every one of us. I'm so grateful that he joined us- I couldn't imagine a better outcome!
Community Director - WeWork
Banayan followed Valerie Jarrett and Arianna Huffington to keynote the Snapchat Women's Group, and there was standing room only for his speech. He captivated the crowd with his incredible and unique story and journey. He answered questions from the audience with candor and insight. Everyone left the session feeling inspired, empowered, and even more equipped to succeed. Ten out of ten!
Head of Curated Stories - Snapchat
Alex Banayan is an unbelievable storyteller! His keynote was thoughtful, engaging and dynamic. Banayan represents the voice of entrepreneurship, the power of hustle and the energy of unlimited potential.
Head of ALAC Marketing - Apple
Alex Banayan's speech was the most talked about keynote of the day--with true inspiration and solid takeaways, wrapped in Alex's signature laugh-out-loud storytelling. Banayan is a grand slam for any business event.
Learning Chair - EO New York City
Banayan's keynote and Q&A was one of the best our organization ever had.
President - Harvard Ventures
Alex Banayan's keynote truly cracks the code and provides the transformational edge needed to succeed in today's business environment. Any healthcare organization that wants to achieve exponential growth and reach their biggest goals needs to implement the principles contained in The Third Door today.
Kaiser Permanente
Alex Banayan spoke to three hundred St. Charles leaders and we found that because of the turbulent and ever-changing health care landscape we are currently facing, his message of open-mindedness and finding creative ways to solve problems really resonated.
St. Charles Health System
As the host and keynote speaker of our annual IBM Amplify conference, Alex Banayan's passion was exactly what we needed to energize our corporation at such a pivotal time in our transformation.
Samantha Klein, Marketing Manager - IBM
Alex Banayan's keynote was entertaining, informative, and most of all, memorable. Thousands of our team members were in the audience and Banayan's storytelling made it feel like we were all sitting down with him, one on one, as he spoke directly to each of us. It was exactly the kind of engaging keynote we were looking for.
Mike Miedler, CEO - Century 21 Real Estate
The feedback on Alex Banayan's keynote has been terrific! Our team left more energized and more informed. It was the perfect way to close out our event!
Kevin Squibb, Senior Manager of Digital Field Sales - General Motors
As a keynote speaker for our employee retention, Alex Banayan brought a perfect mix of lively stories and practical exercises for some of our most tenured employees. Banayan's keynote was able to strike the rare balance of entertaining, informative, and useful--which is exactly what we needed.
Courtney Loomis, Director of Employee Events - Salesforce
It was a fantastic keynote! The team is still talking about Alex's presentation and using his take-aways and repeating his quotes left-and-right. Alex's speech was one of our company's favorites by far, and possibly the best Q&A we've ever seen.
Elysha R. McMurtry, Director of Corporate Affairs - Monster Energy Drinks
I'm a better person getting the chance to hear and learn from Alex Banayan. His keynote to our top-performing employees helped us all think differently and showed us the path to exponential success. A perfect event!
Emily Hemerka, Senior Facilitator of Leadership Training - T-Mobile