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"Alden set the tone--then stole the show. As the feedback shows, he deserves nothing but praise for his spot-on address to our 750+ CEOs and their executive teams. Alden skillfully transformed their thinking, thanks in part to his notable business and military experience. Quite simply, Alden's an exceptional speaker, start to finish. We look forward to hosting him again."
Verne Harnish, Chair - Fortune magazine's ScaleUp Summit
"Event planners are always on the lookout for speakers who bring it all--a deep level of focus on the audience, frameworks that connect with people, and a 'fired up!' attitude. Alden Mills has the whole package. Whether he's applying lessons learned from his Navy SEAL days to the business world, or sharing stories of personal transformation, Alden has an undeniable knack for moving attendees into a place where their full leadership potential is possible. During the precall, I learned why: Alden applies his own work to his life, every day, looking for continuous improvement as a speaker and workshop facilitator. His energy is infectious, his teachings spot-on, and his empathy for the audience endless as far as I can tell. Alden models "unstoppable" leadership. I will book him again soon."
Michael Clarke, Marriott International Director - Global Sales B2B Marketing & Events, Americas
"Alden s experiences as a Navy SEAL and entrepreneur are captivating. Alden s work is incredibly relevant for anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally. His speech keeps resonating in me as I face challenges, and it will continue to resonate in our chapter's conversations for a long time. One of the best ever."
Roman Martin, President - Barcelona Entrepreneurs' Organization Chapter
"Alden worked with us in advance to understand our business. He customized his message to be relevant to our needs. His storytelling and communication style were tremendous. And he motivated our audience to become UNSTOPPABLE."
Tim Kilbane, Vice President - Optiv Cybersecurity Solutions
"Authentic and engaging--one of the best speakers we've ever had at USAA."
Carl Liebert, COO - USAA
"Absolutely incredible! Alden's ability to connect with our leaders and our business was truly inspiring and exactly what we needed."
Joe DiPaola, CEO - World Financial Group, Transamerica
"Alden nailed it!! It was the perfect message for our group at the right time for which we are grateful. I overheard many positive comments about the difference he made. I honestly feel that Alden helped create a life changing experience for those in attendance."
Monte Holm, Co-Founder - World Financial Group
"My sincerest thanks for the outstanding presentation you gave at my company's Annual Sales Awards and Recognition meeting this year. You worked with my entire team to craft exactly the message I wanted the sales people to hear. It was absolutely exceptional, and our sales staff loved it."
James R. Seely, CEO/President - Residential Mortgage Services Inc.
"I am writing to express my gratitude for the outstanding presentation at my company's Annual Sales Awards and Recognition meeting. You delivered the most inspirational sales speech I've seen in 15+ years of having sales conferences. You did a great job getting the sales team all fired up!
Michael Ianno, EVP/Retain Production - Residential Mortgage Services Inc.
"Outstanding! Alden spoke to our leadership team at a time when inspiration and drive were imperative. His ability to transfer the discipline of being a Seal and that of the entrepreneur was AMAZING! He did an unbelievable job in preparing everyone to roll up their sleeves and charge through the remainder of the year with absolute commitment. I would highly recommend Alden to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level!"
Denise Hardin, VP - State Farm
"Words can't fully describe the impact Alden had on our audience. He delivered exactly what we needed--a fresh, inspired call to action for high-impact personal leadership in work and in life. His stories were remarkable. His approach to leadership was practical. And his style was down-to- earth. It was inspiring to look around the room and see the focused faces in the audience. Alden Mills was the best commencement speaker we've had."
Joseph M. Rifici, Executive Director - Case Western Reserve Univ. School of Medicine
"Alden is a winner and an energizer. He presented to a packed auditorium, and he proved to be one of the most engaging speakers I have ever seen. His message and stories were real, entertaining, and enlightening. They prompted many side conversations afterward here, including lots of discussion about how effective he was in conveying the key issues that matter the most to our audience. We hope we can take these messages to our teams with new energy."
Chris Newell, Director, Learning and Development - Boston Children's Hospital
"Alden delivered exactly what we wanted: a powerful message blended with fascinating stories and our company's mission to our customers and partners. He nailed it!"
Kathy Visser-May, CMO - Acumatica
"Alden's session was inspiring and encouraging. He's a brilliant storyteller who engages people by drawing from personal experiences that anyone can relate to."
Vicens Marti, President - Billy Mobile
"Thoughtful, thorough, and totally inspiring. One of the best speakers we've had in years! Alden's keynote was recognized as one of the top highlights of our conference. He was that good."
Angel Garcia, CEO - Startup Bootcamp Barcelona
"Unbelievably inspiring! Alden gave our startups a taste of what's required for Inc. 500-level growth plus Navy Seal training in the water. He also gave us a keynote the startups will never ever forget. The outcome was a group of energized founders willing to give it all going forward. No surprise, Alden's was the best-rated session."
Richard Lagrand, Program Director - Startup BootCamp Barcelona
"Alden Mills was a fantastic speaker and exactly what we needed. He related perfectly to our Sleep Number DNA with his passion, energy, authenticity, and commitment. He not only embodied 'being unstoppable,' he inspired it each of our participants. And we are still unstoppable today! Thank you, Alden. You made a difference in our lives!"
Shelly Ibach, President and CEO - Select Comfort (Sleep Number Setting, 40)
"He nailed it for us - incorporating our company objectives and accurately gauging the tempo of the meeting to deliver an inspiring team message. The audience was riveted throughout! I received many positive comments from our attendees!"
George Armendariz, CEO - Groupe Beneteau Americas
"Alden has a unique and powerful gift of understanding his audience, and making an emotional and lasting impression. His presentation set the tone for our entire our sales meeting. Alden's ability to communicate his real-life experiences as a successful entrepreneur and a Navy SEAL, and package them in a way that is relevant to our culture and challenging business needs, was invaluable. Our team left motivated, recharged, and ready to face the obstacles that lay ahead--able to reach further than before to accomplish their goals. Alden was phenomenal!
Tim Dougherty, Vice President/Footwear Sales - Ariat International
"Alden ROCKS! Finally, a speaker who has 'walked his talk.' We will hire him again."
Heather Chartrand, COO - Lustre-Cal Corporation
"In a word: he's MESMERIZING--head and shoulders better than any speaker we've ever hired."
Clydene Nonrider - GPI Association
"An unforgettable presentation. Alden, you read the room just right and delivered the perfect closing keynote to our people. Your remarkable ability to tell stories that made the audience feel like they were experiencing it first-hand, plus your frameworks for success, made this the best keynote I've witnessed in years. So many came up afterward to say they were changed by what just happened on stage. You helped make our conference a tremendous success and I'm grateful for it."
David Castignola, EVP/Worldwide Sales - Optiv Cybersecurity Solutions
"Alden Mills is awesome. He really captured the message that we wanted to relay to our hotels and customers. (Change is constant, and we must embrace it and adapt.) In his storytelling, his message is truly helpful--and he makes it easy to understand and follow. We got so many great compliments from attendees. We were lucky to have him as the speaker note on our event. For sure, we will have him again."
Meire Ramos - Marriott
"After more than a month I still hear students talking about the speech Alden gave to our 2,500 total students. Just last week, my daughter started sharing Alden's story about Sargent Boston with my wife and son; by the time she was done we were all laughing--but we were also talking about overcoming obstacles to get what we want. One of my teachers has since said repeatedly, 'Alden is one of the best speakers I've ever heard!!!' Thank you, Alden.
Patrick Crowdis, High School Principal - Spearville, KS
"Alden did a tremendous job of relating his Navy SEAL experiences to relay the message that attitude impacting action."
Richard Felts, President - Kansas Farm Bureau
"Alden's words encouraged our young farmers and ranchers to survive adversity and exceed their potential. His story and wit would be inspirational for any audience."
Terry Holdren, Executive Director, CEO, and Corporate Secretary, - Kansas Farm Bureau
We hired Alden to be our closing keynote for Lennox LIVE 18, a tour that spanned four cities for our dealers across North America. He was thoughtful, entertaining, inspirational, and the best speaker we've ever had. He takes the time to tailor the message to our needs and the needs of our audience. We were very fortunate to have Alden speak to our customers and leave a lasting impression that was representative of our company and our brand.
Quan Nguyen, General Manager - Lennox International
Thank you, Alden, for your inspiring keynote speech at our event last week. When I researched your bio and videos in selecting speakers, I was extremely impressed with your story and success. Having listened to you in person, you were amazing. You had our audience supercharged and fascinated with your story, the rigors of the Navy seal training, and your determination to succeed. Thanks again!
David Arndt, President and CEO - Pentaflex
Alden hit a Grand Slam for us at our annual company retreat. He listened to our desired outcomes during the pre-calls and custom-tailored a keynote with leave-behinds that are sure to make a lasting impact. I will hire him again. Alden is an All-Star!
Stephen Revetria, Senior Vice President - Giants Enterprises (San Francisco Giants Baseball)
Alden was a terrific choice! I can be a harsh critic. But Alden is a speaker who more than lived up to his promise. From the pre-call to his custom-tailored message at our event, he went above and beyond to deliver a message that not only inspired but positively impacted my colleagues. I received numerous enthusiastic responses from attendees. To my surprise, the overwhelming majority stated they did not mind giving up the opportunity to receive continuing education credits in exchange for an hour with Alden. He was the best speaker I've worked with. I look forward to hiring him again in the future.
Mark A. Badami, CFP, Committee Chairman - Financial Planners of Long Island
I've been in this business for 27 years and I have to say that Alden's message was a powerful one. His keynote was customized from beginning to end by incorporating our brand messaging and tailored with a framework to help my associates and our customers face the challenges of their current business environment. Alden's message was so powerful and resonated so well with my associates and our customers that I recommend to other companies that they need to hear it too! Alden lives his messaging: He is All In, All the Time!
Robert E. Baker, II, President, Senior Housing - Collain Healthcare (an LG CNS Company)
Alden Mills delivered a powerful presentation with a very compelling, yet practical message. His stories really resonated with our team. They left feeling both inspired and empowered.
Kelly Bemis, Chief Clinical Officer - National Cardiovascular Partners
We were very fortunate to have Alden Mills as the keynote speaker at our sales meeting. Many remarked that he was the best speaker we ever had. Alden took the time to understand our meeting objectives and the key messages that we wanted to convey to our teams. He integrated those messages into his speech smoothly and flawlessly and complemented our key points. The team was completely engaged during his speech and he commanded the audience exceptionally well. Finally, many attendees have already begun integrating Alden's stories and key messages into their daily work. Overall, Alden is a joy to work with and is an outstanding speaker.
David Goldblatt, VP/Channel Marketing - MasterBrand Cabinets
Alden Mills was an incredibly inspirational and dynamic speaker sharing his unbelievable journey in becoming a Navy SEAL. He incorporated our meeting themes into his material. And he transferred his experiences into great relevant business and life lessons. Alden really connected with our team of over 1,000 sales people.
Lisa Witte, President - ThermoFisher
lden Mills was a pleasure to work with! He knew where and when to be and really personalized his program to fit our audience.
Kandyce Burgett, Event Manager - Precision Metalforming Association
Your story is compelling and inspirational and your delivery captivated our audience. Post meeting survey results indicate you "knocked it out of the park." Great job and thanks again for helping make our annual meeting a huge success.
Don Reimondo, President and CEO - HDA Truck Pride
In our five years of putting on conferences, Alden was head and shoulders above our past speakers. He's a fantastic storyteller who tied his messaging directly back to our company and our dealers. He cares, and it shows. I'd hire again!
Tom Santer, VP of Sales - FW Webb
Alden was a true professional, and a joy to work with--from pre-call to his keynote to a private dinner event. He's the best storyteller I've ever heard and he ties powerful takeaways to his stories. Alden delivered a keynote perfectly-tailored to our organization--from using our language to relating his stories to the challenges we face along with a framework to use on Monday morning. I HIGHLY recommend him!
Jim Benville, National Sales Manager - LG Electronics
Thank you, Alden, for being such a pleasure to work with. I appreciated your interest in truly learning about our organization, our members, and their work. It impressed me that you took the time to customize your speech for our group, and to connect with them in a way that communicated that you understood their businesses and their challenges. You are a warm and engaging speaker. As our members were leaving your session, the buzz was about the principles you taught, your passion in presenting them, and their applicability to our profession. Many of the members came up to tell me, 'Excellent choice!' It is my pleasure to recommend you as a keynote speaker.
Teresa Eyet, Senior Director, Conference Programming - American Health Care Association (AHCA)
The e-mails are pouring in, thanking me and agreeing that Alden Mills is our best speaker to date. We were all truly inspired by his talk and the great messages in his book. I can honestly say his speech has helped me become a better coach. I have already brought some of those lessons to our team.
Robert Friedrich, Director of Rowing - U.S. Naval Academy