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Alberto Savoia

Alberto Savoia data, big data, tech, women internet, startup, google, NSB Alberto Savoia data, big data, tech, women internet, startup, google, NSB
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Alberto Savoia: Google Tech Talk

Alberto Savoia

Co-founder, Pretotype Labs, Former Google Executive and Authority on Innovation

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San Francisco, CA, United States
About Alberto Savoia

Alberto Savoia is a successful practitioner, expert, coach, author and speaker on the topic of high-yield innovation through experimentation. His area of focus and expertise is in helping already successful and established companies innovate like startups. Most recently he was Innovation Agitator at Google where he was the most requested speaker on the topic of Innovation. His prior responsibilities at Google included leading the development and launch of Google's multi-billion-dollar AdWords ...

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Innovate Like a Startup, Go to Market Like a Grownup

Large organizations have enormous innovation potential at their disposal. The number of innovative products and services that reach ...

Unleash the Innovators—Entrepreneurial Innovation at Google

Google does many things differently, and the way it approaches innovation is one of the most distinctive aspects of its culture, and ...

The Pretotyping Manifesto—Make Sure You Are Building the Right It Before You Build It Right

Have you ever poured your heart, blood, sweat, tears and money to build, perfect and launch an innovative "can't miss" new product or ...

It was wonderful spending time with Alberto Savoia this week and having him as a speaker at our Director's Conference. His presentation was relevant, applicable and we received very positive feedback.

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