A.J. Juliani | Best-Selling Author of Empower, Director of Learning and Innovation, Faculty at UPenn Graduate School of Education (PLN)

A.J. Juliani

Best-Selling Author of Empower, Director of Learning and Innovation, Faculty at UPenn Graduate School of Education (PLN)

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A.J. Juliani

A.J. Juliani serves as Faculty for the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (PLN) and former Director of Learning and Innovation for Centennial School District. As an English teacher, football coach, and K-12 Technology Staff Developer, A.J. has worked towards innovative learning experiences for schools in various roles. A.J. is also an award-winning blogger, speaker, and author of multiple books, including the best-sellers Empower and Launch.

A.J. Juliani brings a high-energy, fun, and engaging style of presentation through keynotes, full-day workshops, and online professional development offerings. His mix of personal stories from the classroom, real-world examples, and research-based insights lead to a learning opportunity for everyone in attendance. A.J. has worked at all levels of the K-12 spectrum and has the lens of a parent (of four crazy kids) as well. He will encourage educators to not only be intentional about innovation, but also focus on how our practice needs to always be centered on the student experience.

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Empathy Every Day
The Most Important 21st Century Skill

From teacher, parent, and author A.J. Juliani, comes a new talk filled with stories of empathy in action, inspired by real the lives of real people from the past and the present. The goal here is simple: Take time to listen and learn about empathy, so we can better lead when given the opportunity.

What Happens When Students Own Their Learning

Kids begin their learning journey as curious problem solvers who ask questions and create solutions. As they go through school, something happens to many of our students, and they begin to play the game of school, eager to be compliant and follow a path instead of making their own. As teachers, leaders, and parents, we have the opportunity to be the guide in our kids' education and unleash the creative potential of each and every student. In a world that is ever changing, our job is not to prepare students for something; instead, our role is to help students prepare themselves for anything.

LAUNCH into Design Thinking
How to Bring Out the Maker in Every Subject

Creative work can be hard. It can be challenging. It can sometimes be overwhelming to try and plan and incorporate into the classroom. Yet, we know our students are going to have to be more creative than ever to successfully thrive in today’s world. This workshop shares how design thinking can provide a structure for creative teaching and learning, and how this process can empower our students to do remarkable work inside our schools right now.

How To Turn Any Unit Into a Project-Based Learning Experience

In this brand new talk from A.J. Juliani, he walks attendees through the 5-Step process for authentic learning experiences (that hit standards and your curriculum). Learn how to start from a place of relevance, choose standards that learners can master, scaffold and structure creatively, and assess the process, learning and final product in meaningful ways. Attendees will leave inspired, motivated, and also ready to practically take on the challenge of authentic project-based learning.

A.J. Juliani
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A.J. Juliani

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