Ainsley Earhardt | Co-Host of Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends

Ainsley Earhardt

Co-Host of Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends

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Ainsley Earhardt
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Lessons Learned While Eating Cereal

Growing up in the south helped prepare Ainsley Earhardt for a future life in New York City. Each morning, next to her cereal bowl, her father left words of wisdom: a scripture, an indellible quote or some sort of valuable information. One of her favorites was a quote from Walt Disney, "I hope I'll never be afraid to fail." These "sayings" inspired Earhardt to follow her dreams and accept new challenges. She found it easier and easier to say "yes" to new opportunities and along the way.... her father's voice was her guide. Earhardt will tell you about her journey, what it's like to work at FOX News Channel and the people who have made a big impression on her career - her father, Sean Hannity and many others.

The Power of the Press
Making a Daily Difference

As a journalist, Earhardt sees the news first. She gets to choose which stories to pass along to the viewer, she takes that responsiblity seriously and considers her job an honor. In the course of her career, she has told countless stories of heroes coming home from war, children fighting the odds and surviving cancer or (a favorite of hers) the child who is bullied and learns to forgive his classmates after getting recognition from an NFL team. Sharing these stories gives the viewer a glimpse of goodness and reminds them of the gift of humanity. She will share some of the news with you and how impressed she is with the outpouring of support from viewers when somone is in need.

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Ainsley Earhardt

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