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Adam Kreek

Olympic Gold Medalist turned Adventurer and Engineer

Adam Kreek
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The Responsibility Ethicby Adam Kreek

The Responsibility Ethic

by Adam Kreek


In many fields of work –healthcare, finance, engineering, safety - failure is not an option. So then - how do we find resilience and accountability in the face of failure? And avoid blame and ridicule when uncontrollable events arise?

A healthy fear of failure is essential. It reminds us of our accountability and emboldens the threat of consequence. But an excessive emphasis on failure-avoidance can paralyze productivity and stop us from achieving our best work. Risk aversion, inner resistance, self-sabotage, and perfectionism are all signs of an unhealthy fear of failure.

Learning Outcomes

How to effectively manage your fear of failure and reclaim confidence;
Differentiate between blameworthy failure and praiseworthy failure;
Better your understanding of your personal and organizational values and their intersect for enhanced confidence and impact.


The more you know about yourself, and identify differences in others, the better you can drive high performance - personally and within your team. In this customized and action oriented keynote, Adam explores the power of diverse values, skill sets and motivations in the context of an organizational team.

In this interactive presentation, audience members receive a Predictive Index Talent Optimization assessment. Once complete, Adam discusses the makeup of the room and how to maximize differences and synergies, while minimizing conflict.

Learning Outcomes

Better understand yourself, and what drives and motivates you.
Understand the differences between you and your colleagues and how to maximize your collaboration and shared impact.
Learn how to execute high performance within a diverse team.


What do personal values have to do with team engagement and performance? In 2022? Everything.

Optimize career engagement and safeguard against the great resignation by aligning your team members’ personal values to your organizational values. Your result? More fulfilled teams who outperform competition consistently.

Today’s competitive and changing landscape demands that companies employ new and innovative strategies to retain talent, secure and cultivate engagement, and drive performance. Financial and social incentives can play a role but are limited in scope, often unsustainable and do not always address the innate needs, wants and values of team members.

The science is clear. Engagement soars, conflict declines, trust is bolstered and communication is more productive when leaders and teams operate with a shared understanding of values.

In Adam’s Values-drive Achievement keynote and workshop, he leads teams and organizations through a framework guiding team members to articulate, affirm and act upon their values, and decisively align their personal values with their teams and organization.

Learning Outcomes

What are personal and organizational values?
Why are values essential to personal and organizational success?
How can we align personal and professional values and how does this result in unstoppable drive and team cohesion?
Empower a cultural transformative strategy and the tools for team members to identify and align their personal values to the mission, vision and values of their organization. This process results in enhanced personal drive and achievement, team engagement, and a values-driven culture designed for synergy, talent retention and impact.
Adam provides each participant with state-of-the-art behaviour change technology to ensure and sustain long-term, values-driven action beyond his keynote, workshop or consultation.


When the whirlwind takes over, busyness gains priority and stress levels run high. In a fast-paced environment, we often let communication and team dynamics suffer, and the costs are significant.

An incredible power is released when teams operate effectively. When functioning optimally, teams are resilient, manage risk, and maximize achievement in times of change.

Empower your team to navigate current and future uncertainty with confidence. Participants will gain Adam's best practices for managing change and the tools necessary for consistent self-improvement.

Learning Outcomes
Understand the change curve and stop resistance;
Clarify and empower personal and organizational values in times of crisis;
Understand your role and focus on what you can control;
Learn the stages of team development, and move from chaos to optimization.

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