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AC Green

NBA Champion

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Los Angeles, CA, US
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NBA Career:
A.C. Green has played in more consecutive games than anyone in the history of the NBA: 1,192 games. A.C. played through many aches and pains over the course of his 16-year career that included three Championship teams with the Los Angeles Lakers. His two favorite milestones are being the only Laker player to have won Championships in both the Great Western Forum and the Staples Center and introducing the A.C. Bear to the world. Little A.C.'s rookie season began December 25, 1999 when ...

AC Green's enthusiasm and playfulness were wonderful tools to put our students at ease before he started his abstinence message. Hhearing a professional athlete speak about his personal commitment to abstinence really seemed to impact the students.

Roni Durham - Mitchell County Abstinence Program, Colorado City, CO

AC Green was a class act! His living testimony made a huge impact on our people, and we say a number of people make decisions for Christ. We would definitely use him again.

Ryan Rush - Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA
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