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Jessica Cabeen

Jessica Cabeen, Education, Teacher Motivation, Education Motivation, 21st Century Learning & Technology Early Childhood Education, Balance Life/Work, Elevate, k-12 Education, k12 education, education, education and kids Jessica Cabeen, Education, Teacher Motivation, Education Motivation, 21st Century Learning & Technology Early Childhood Education, Balance Life/Work, Elevate, k-12 Education, k12 education, education, education and kids
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Premiere Exclusive

Jessica Cabeen

Nationally Distinguished Principal - Dream Big, Live Colorfully, Lead Boldly

About Jessica Cabeen

Jessica is the Principal of Alternative Educations Programs in Austin, Minnesota. Previously, she was the principal of Ellis Middle School in Austin, Minnesota, and the principal of the “Happiest Place in Southeastern Minnesota,” the Woodson Kindergarten Center. She has been an assistant middle school principal, a special education assistant director, and special education teacher.

Jessica was named the 2021 ED Dive National Principal of the year, 2017 Minnesota National ...

Jessica's significant energy and professional balance between school, home, and serving principals is a great model and successfully inspires principals to embrace the challenges of their day-to-day responsibilities. It is no surprise that she has been selected by her peers to be the 2018 National Distinguished Principal from Minnesota. Jessica' presentation style is infused with enthusiasm while grounded in research and best practice. She is an engaging and inspiring speaker who draws rave reviews from her audience. I have no doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Jon Millerhagen, Executive Director - Minnesota Elementary School Principals' Association

Jessica Cabeen is an outstanding presenter! I have had the pleasure of attending a large session she presented at a national conference. It was energizing, informative, practical, and inspirational. She is adept at speaking to classroom teachers as well as school and district administrators. We invited her to speak at one of our major educational conferences and the feedback we received from attendees was phenomenal!

Dr. Jeff Zoul, President - ConnectEDD

Jessica is not only an incredible leader, and speaker, but she is truly an outstanding facilitator of adult learning. She has served as a facilitator in our Minnesota Principals Academy at the University of Minnesota for the past five years and also assisted the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Elementary Principals Association in launching a PK-3 Academy for Minnesota leaders. She engages adult learners where they are at and helps them to grow in a safe environment.

Katie Pekel, EdD, Coordinator of Educational Leadership and Policy - University of Minnesota

Jessica delivered an engaging morning of dialogue with our kindergarten team that affirmed, provoked, and challenged past practice and future planning. Jessica's ability to be vulnerable as she provided insights into her own educational journey as a parent, as a mother, and as a leader afforded her the needed credibility to resonate with our teaching staff and their administrators. Jessica's use of humor and candor were appreciated and left lasting impressions that continue to have meaning ripple effects on our planning for "what's next?" for our youngest learners and their teachers and school leaders.

Brian Beresford, Leader of Personalized Learning - Eastern Carver County Schools

The School District of the Menomonie Area, by embracing the unique needs and using the strengths of our diverse community, is dedicated to preparing ALL students to become lifelong learners, caring individuals, and responsible citizens.

Brian G. Seguin, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction - School District of the Menomonie Area

Jessica provided two exceptional keynote presentations, covering parent engagement and self-care, to over 500 participants at our Early Childhood Education and Behavioral Health Summit. Both presentations were engaging, motivating and from the heart. Personally, I walked away with a renewed passion for working with kids and some excellent strategies for prioritizing and organizing my life. The feedback and reviews that we received following the event couldn't have been better. We even had several participants request her contact information. She is a five-star presenter and we have her to thank for the success of our event.

Amy Hoffert, Coordinator - The Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub
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