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In 2019, the Power of Advertising is in the People

By Curtis Zimmerman
Advertising--in the traditional sense--doesn't work anymore. Have you noticed? In general, trends in 2019 don’t start because executives sat in a conference room somewhere and came up with a campaign--they grow organically among pockets of teenagers and corners of the internet. Rockstar brands notice this and map out their marketing strategy based on what’s already going on in the world. That’s why in 2019, if you want to expand the influence of your brand, you have to stop pushing ...
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How Entertainers and Influencers Can Earn Passive Income

By Carlos Gil
Here's how to make money when you're not technically working.
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Join The Secret Lies Within Book Launch Team

By Auntie Anne Beiler
The time has finally arrived! After dreaming about this for years, working with my team, and collaborating with our publisher, my next book The Secret Lies Within: An Inside Out Look at Overcoming Trauma and Finding Purpose in the Pain is available for preorder! I'm grinning from ear to ear! When I opened the first box of books and held one in my hand, I couldn't contain my pure joy. The message of this book is so near and dear to my heart, and I cannot wait to get it out into the world. The ...
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"Show" vs. "tell" in dialogue

By Maria Murnane
One area where the issue of of "show vs. tell" frequently pops up is when authors use too many adverbs or adjectives to tell readers how a character is feeling instead of using beats to show readers how a characters is feeling. (Refresher: A beat is a physical action.) Here are some examples of beats vs. adverbs/adjectives in dialogue. You're the reader here– which ones paint a better picture in your head? ADVERB: "Do we really have to go in there?" Ben asked nervously. BEAT: Tiny beads of sweat broke out on ...
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The Future of Transit: "It's Not Your Grandad's City Bus System Anymore!"

By Jim Carroll
In 1964, at the age of 5, I started going to kindergarten in Byron, a subdivision of London, Ontario. It was back in the day – and at that small age, I actually took a city bus to and from school! Well, those days are long gone, aren’t they! But gone soon is the idea that buses will run on gas, be driven by ‘drivers’, and that you’ll go to a ‘stop’ to get on one. They’ll run on electric batteries, drive themselves, and come and get you. Here’s a short clip I filmed on ...
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Great Leaders Value Mentorship, Continuous Learning, and Leading by Example

By Bobby Albert
Leaders are the "lids" to a business's growth. The business can only grow to the size of its leaders. That's why it's so essential to grow as a leader. Grow yourself, grow your people, and then you can grow your business. I had the great opportunity to interview, Tina Giorgio, President and CEO of ICBA Bancard, a group service provider of payment solutions for community banks. Tina is passionate about three keys that make a great leader: mentorship, continuous ...
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"We Used To ." - A Look Back at How Primitive Our World Was in 2019

By Jim Carroll
Part of the art in figuring out the future comes not from looking forward, but by looking back. What that idea in mind, here’s a list of things we used to do back in 2019 which we don’t do anymore. This list will be a completely valid list at some time in the future. When? It doesn’t matter – when it comes to thinking about the future, sometimes it is just grasping the obvious that matters. agriculture: we used to go out and farm when the sun was up. Now, we have our ...
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Acceptable Cost

By Dan Thurmon
Any undertaking and every choice you make carries with it a cost. Will the price of your success, or your inaction, ultimately be acceptable? There’s more to consider than you might think.
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One Word That Will Change Your Entire Outlook

By Josh Linkner
As busy people, we often sprint from one obligation to the next. The mandatory client meeting, the business lunch, the kid's soccer game all while keeping your seven social media streams up to date, your boss happy, and your family fed. In the modern age, we can feel overwhelmed with all the things we just have to do. When the events in our lives are more duty-bound than optional, our vitality can take a nosedive. Running from one commitment to another, how can we possibly bring our best ...
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Daily Inspiration: "The scope of your vision should exceed the size of your challenge!"

By Jim Carroll
"The scope of your vision should exceed the size of your challenge!" – #Futurist Jim Carroll A photo that captures me in a moment in time during my keynote for the World Government Summit in Dubai . The context? Believe it or not, but there are some areas of the world that still have a functioning government! One with leaders who believe that it is a valuable goal to rise a nation out of poverty, to provide an infrastructure of clean water and ...

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