Last week I spoke to employees of Belk, the department store. An audience member told me this epic love (and customer service!) story.

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Present Not Perfect

By Dan Thurmon, Posted May 28th 2018

Is your desire to be perfect preventing you from achieving what you really want? This week’s video will help you accelerate learning and get results by striving to be present, not perfect.

The game of Monopoly, a legendary cash cow for Hasbro, has remained relevant and compelling for over 100 years by evolving with the times. Since the first game became a hit in 1903, the company has released specialty editions including Pokemon Edition, Mega Monopoly, Electronic Banking, Star...

Another story about my first day of high school.

Recorded at my keynote for Ohio Association of School Business Officials.

I have the honor of competing on the US Amputee Soccer Team. (In fact, later this month we'll be playing in matches against both Haiti and England!)

It's a great honor to represent my country on the soccer field (or "pitch," as purist football fans would say). I also think the sport is kind of...

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Buy the Ticket

By Steve Beecham, Posted May 24th 2018

If you watch my Beechwalks videos you have probably already heard this story but I believe it's one worth repeating.

About a year ago I spoke at a meeting of travel professionals in Atlanta and was offered an opportunity to buy a raffle ticket for the grand prize - two round trip tickets anywhere...

The title of this post was the message I had the honor of sharing this morning with a room full of educatorsin Nigeria who came together on a Saturday to discuss howtechnology can improve learning.

Within seconds, I could see that these educators are passionate about their work and fierce about...

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High School Bully Apologizes

By Josh Sundquist, Posted May 22nd 2018

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The Hi That Saved His Life

By Josh Sundquist, Posted May 22nd 2018

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