Dads: Six Essential Love—”Dos and Don’ts” for Your Daughter

Men love differently than women. That’s why you scratch your head in confusion when your daughter or wife cries and insists that you don’t understand. They want you to know what they want, like, and need, without ever telling you. You, on the other and, love deeply but differently.


My Daughter Is Marrying A Woman. What’s A Mother To Do?

My Daughter Is Marrying A Woman. What’s A Mother To Do?

Dear Dr. Meg,

It has been quite a while since I wrote to you and I am going through a very difficult time. My oldest daughter who is 44, is getting married. She is a Christian and is marrying her partner. Her brother and sister in law...

The latest in the hit Country Faith music series, Country Faith America, is out May 19. The release will mark the fifth album in the series that has accumulated $1.6 million in sales to date.

The full-length studio album consisting of country music’s biggest stars and their...

Mr. D answers some questions and shares great advice for teachers in his newest video including:

How to prepare for a teacher interview.

How to deal with defiant students.

How to make the first day of class amazing.

When to start your masters.

How student teachers can make a lasting impression...

Ask Dr. Meg: Why Children (of all ages) Need Grandparents

Dear Dr. Meg,

As a grandmother, is it beneficial to stay involved with your grandchildren? I love them and we love to be together, but is there an age where they will break away? Also, have you written much about grandparents’ roles?


Loving Grandmother


Dear Loving Grandmother,


7 Reasons Kids, Cell Phones and School Just Don’t Mix

Parents, Pleeeaaase don’t let your kids go to school with their cell phones. I know that you want them to be able to call you whenever they want. I know that you don’t want them to feel deprived or different from their peers. I know that they need help if they miss the bus. And I...

Although the FX series "The Americans" has been praised for its nuance, it creates a cloak-and-dagger world where tools never fail, master plans almost always work out and the best spies always win.

Real spies know that world is make-believe. Still, when they're done lurking in...

The first launch party for Bridges is in the books! I had so much fun. Here are some pictures!


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with me. Next stop, Silicon Valley!

If we believe that equity is about providing students and adults what they need to exceed performance targets, then tapping into how students make meaning through their cultural, racial and social filters is critical to ensuring success for all.

The racial achievement gap and pipeline to prison...

The Grade-A Fib We Keep Telling Students

There’s a lot of confusion in the news these days about what’s fact and what’s fake. So I’m starting to lose track of what officially qualifies as a “lie.” Nevertheless, here’s an oldie but a goodie from the field of education that might make the cut....