The power of a professional headshot

By Maria Murnane, Posted September 12th 2016

In last week’s post I said that for the overwhelming majority of authors, it’s important to make an effort to connect with your fans. The same goes for having a good headshot. If you’re selling millions of copies of your books each year, no need to read further.




You Don't Believe

By Chris Capehart, Posted September 8th 2016



Actions are the catalyst to cementing a new set of beliefs. Show me a person’s actions and I’ll show you his beliefs.

Do I really believe in something if I won’t act? I’ve constantly challenged myself with this this question.

I’ve heard people talk about their...

Have you ever finished reading a great book and thought to yourself, I would love to send a note to the author, only to find yourself at a loss for how to do so? In my opinion, by not including contact information at the end of their books, those authors are missing out on a wonderful...


The 3 types of mentors you need

By Ryan Kahn, Posted August 31st 2016


When you’re looking for a job you’ll need all the help you can get, no matter what level of experience you have. While an insider with the hiring manager’s ear would be a huge advantage, that scenario isn’t too likely. But you will need help from another kind of insider: a...


I know you travel a lot. So do I…. and I hate it! How do you stay so positive in the drudgery of your work trips? — Mary N.

Mary, here are 10 things I try to do every time I travel:

  1. Eat healthier on the road.
  2. Don’t watch television in your hotel room.
  3. Lower your alcohol...



By Craig Kielburger, Posted August 31st 2016

Twenty years ago, Craig and Marc Kielburger boldly set out to change the world. At the age of 12, they realized their vision of a better world, free of poverty and started the hard work to make it a reality. A movement which started in their own communities soon bled into partnering with schools,...

It has been 11 years since the tragic disappearance of Natalee Holloway during a trip to Aruba with friends. The series of events that may have unfolded along with a definitive individual behind the disappearance remain a mystery. 

Beth Holloway recently appeared on NBC TODAY’s...

No matter who publishes your book, there’s no guarantee that libraries will carry it. However, if you walk into your local library with a smile and a copy of your book and say, “Hi there! I wrote this book. Will you please carry it?” there’s a good chance the answer will...


I don’t write about many businesses a second time, but I am breaking that rule on College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving, founded by Washington buddies Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman, both 34.

Want to know why?

First of all, I was skeptical that their little project would...

On this day in 1991, the World Wide Web officially became accessible to the public. In July of 1997, the very first Premiere Speakers Bureau website was launched. 


Premiere Speakers Bureau, Home Page - July 8th, 1997


Premiere Speakers Bureau, Home Page - July 29th, 2016

We hit the ground...