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5 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slump

By Curtis Zimmerman
For many of us, the dog days of summer aren't a particularly motivated time of the year. It's hot and humid in many parts of the country, so much so that we start to drag our feet in our daily routines--and it can have negative effects on our productivity at work. According to a study by Harvard Business School, increasingly sunny days are directly correlated to a decrease in worker efficiency and productivity. While it's hard to sit at a desk when you'd rather be poolside, you don't have to let ...
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Video: Kids These Days - They Inhale Change!

By Jim Carroll
A brief clip I ran with my ‘19 Trends for 2019‘ series … which takes a look at a grab bag of the substantive trends of our time. One of the biggest trends underway right now? The arrival of the next generation – they’ve never known a world without iTunes, mobile devices, massive hyper-connectivity – and a very different attitude towards change and innovation. The video features clips from my talks for the global WorldSkills conference, the PGA of America and many other events. The post Video: ...
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Live Inspired Podcast: Who Are You Grateful For? (Monday Moments ep. 163)

By John O'Leary
John O'Leary shares a rekindled Fourth of July memory of someone he's incredibly grateful for on the Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moments segment. Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moments segment. The Fourth of July likely rekindles memories in each of us from backyard barbeques, fireworks, and funnel cakes. In a reflective mood this morning, I'd like to share one of my most memorable experiences from this day. ...
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What You Make of It

By John O'Leary
Chart Your Own Path to Success "Life can be either of two things, what it makes of you or what you make of it." - Rodney Crowell [Tweet this] | [Share on Facebook] How do you build a $500 million business and a life you love? One pizza at a time. Let me explain. For Molly Fletcher, college graduation day came and went. Without promising prospects for employment or money for rent, Molly selected a city to move to that had connections in her field. And, more importantly, a city with a friend whose couch she could ...
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Being Who You Are Instead of Who You're Told To Be

By Auntie Anne Beiler
The day you were born is the day you began to take in the world around you. In your mother's womb, there were no outside influences except that of your mother who carried you. Your birth delivered you into your family of origin which you had no choice in. Your family of origin shaped and formed you into the person you became. Whatever your family believed about you and communicated to you became your reality. If you were told you're amazing, smart, and beautiful, then you grew up ...
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Daily Inspiration: "Your future forecast? Sunny with an excellent chance for opportunity!"

By Jim Carroll
"Your future forecast? Sunny with an excellent chance for opportunity!" - Futurist Jim Carroll It's July 1, and in the Northern Hemisphere, it's the unofficial start to summer. Sunshine rules! Happy Canada Day! Here's a thought for the day: in my 25-year career as a speaker, I've learned that there are two types of people in this world: optimists, ready to find and seize their next opportunity. And those who are, simply put, relentlessly pessimistic. ...
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One Year of My One Man Show

By Josh Sundquist
Exactly one year ago, Ashley and I set out to create the most awkward theatrical experience one can have on a Friday night in Santa Monica. I believe we've succeeded. Not only is our show "We Should Hang Out Sometime" full of uncomfortable laughs and quirky inside jokes that are only funny to my best friend Brad, but new audience members have also continued to show up week after week. Many of those audience members attended by mistake, confusing my show for the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting taking place ...
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What Business Leaders Can Learn from 100-Year-Olds in Okinawa

By Josh Linkner
The Japanese island of Okinawa boasts the highest life expectancy, and the greatest concentration of centenarians (people who live to 100), in the world. Their culture, rituals, diet, and environment have been the subject of extensive study as researchers try to crack the code of a longer, healthier life. When questioned why their people are vastly healthier and outlive others around the world, Okinawan residents often credit two words for their vitality and longevity: ...

Howe Three Brothers You've Never Heard of Helped Start America

By Brian Lord
What three questions helped America become an independentcountry? How, how, and how. Or better yet, Howe, Howe, and Howe. Let me explain. David Horsager, the author of The Trust Edge, is well known for showing how trust is absolutely needed to lead through difficult times. He's also well-known for telling companies they need to ask three questions to make things happen- how, how, and how. But did you know, in a way, that's 'how' America became a country? Two decades before the American ...
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#MOTOFAIL: Why Do Smart Companies Do Really Stupid Things?

By Jim Carroll
Here's a clip for you to watch; it's from an event I spoke at a few weeks ago in San Diego. It speaks for itself. Often, when I am speaking about innovation, I will bring up this concept of a #MOTOFail. Essentially, don't be Motorola. Don't dare to presume that what you have done in the past will define your success into the future. Such thinking is all too common. Over the years, while I've seen many success stories within my global Fortune 500 client list, I've also seen many ...

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