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January 29, 2020

Stop “Cutting to the Chase”

Chip Bell
By Chip Bell
Best-Selling Author of Take Their Breath Away, Wired and Dangerous, Customers as Partners and Managers as Mentors
It started in early films.Movies, especially comedies, usually ended in an entertaining chase.Directors would sometimes pad their films with too much dialogue leading the audience to think, "cut to the chase."The phrase has come to mean, "Just get to the point."While a timesaver in conversation, it can rob you of a ...
December 23, 2019

Everyone Is In Sales

Connie Podesta
By Connie Podesta
Expert on High Performance, Leadership, Managing Change, Sales, and Communications
I often ask my audiences: What IS your title or titles - since most of us are asked to wear many hats these days in our hustling, bustling work environment. And their answers? Are all over the board. Bottom line: No matter what your job title or description, ALL of us are in SALES. Oh, and if you don't realize that ...
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Large 70 danielburrus
February 19, 2020
Anticipation: Foresee Disruption and Find Opportunity
By Daniel Burrus
An integral part of anticipation and becoming anticipatory in your organization oftentimes has to do with catching an opportunity that everyone is either missing or perhaps even ...
Large 70 full res laura schwartz headshot cc
February 18, 2020
Lead First!
By Laura Schwartz
Over eight years behind the scenes at the White House I learned many lessons from President Clinton himself as well as the actual house in which we all worked and treasured. It is a joy to share these mostly First Ladies ...
Large 70 dan thurmon headshot casual cropped
February 18, 2020
Worry Later
By Dan Thurmon
Does worry help, or prevent you from doing what is needed? This week's video provides a sure-fire strategy to help you transform anxiety into action. WATCH THE VIDEO. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO. ...
Large 70 27015
February 17, 2020
Did You Forget?
By John O'Leary
Several years ago I was talking about "leading with love" to a group of business owners and their families and half of the room had no idea what I'm saying.Thankfully, we're in beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica and I have a ...
Large 70 27015
February 17, 2020
Live Inspired Podcast: Random Acts of Kindness (Monday Moments ep. 229)
By John O'Leary
On this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moment segment, John O’Leary celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day and challenges you to do the same.Join me every Monday for a ...
Large 70 anne beiler 8
February 16, 2020
The Importance of Forgiveness In Relationships
By Auntie Anne Beiler
In relationships, but especially a marriage, forgiveness is necessary regularly. There are little annoyances and big grievances that we have a choice to forgive every day. Sometimes I think the ...
Large 70 jl 106
February 16, 2020
7 Surprising Things That Ultra-Successful People Don't Do
By Josh Linkner
There's been plenty written about the habits of highly successful people. They set goals and they follow through. They learn and listen. We get it. But what do the most successful ...
Large 70 evan robb professional headshot
February 14, 2020
The Fearlessness of Squirrels
By Evan Robb
By Lester Laminack One morning at breakfast I noticed Steve, with coffee mug in midair, staring through the windows into the woods behind our house. I sat quietly watching him for a moment. Then, without ...
Large 70 jon acuff headshot
February 14, 2020
Want to make every workout better? Use the Spare Change Principle.
By Jon Acuff
I ran 1,000 miles last year. How? The short answer is I ran a lot. The longer answer is I learned the "Spare Change Principle." I know what you're thinking, "Did you carry ...
Large 70 jeff civillico studio 02
February 13, 2020
Helping Haitian Angels
By Jeff Civillico
On March 7, Jeff Civillico is hosting the "Celebrate Kanaval: The Rhythm of Haiti Gala & Auction"; fundraising eventto benefit the nonprofit organization "Meds & Food for Kids." I first learned ...

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