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How One of Gary Vaynerchuk's New Projects Is Helping Small and Medium Businesses

By Carlos Gil
This new digital marketing agency serves small and medium businesses.

Greg Gumbel - The Grind of Sportscasting

By Brian Lord
In a podcast interview on Beyond Speaking, Greg Gumbel shared some insights into his outstanding career as a sports broadcaster. Though he started out with a sales background, he moved to Chicago to become the Sports Director for an NBC station for nearly seven years. From there, he moved on to ESPN and built an illustrious career that spanned twenty years, hosting a variety of sporting events from NCAA Basketball and March Madness, to NFL football, including the Super Bowl. He also hosted the ...
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Live Inspired Podcast: Ask John (Monday Moments ep. 151)

By John O'Leary
John O'Leary answers a Live Inspired community member’s question on Live Inspired Podcast’s Monday Moments.Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our "Monday Moments" segments.Subscribe & listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartRadio or listen here:Today’s question was submitted by Live Inspired community member Dave from Indianapolis, Indiana.Dave asked: What are your summer plans with your family?Tune in for my answer + an opportunity ...
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What Makes Someone the Most Influential Photographer on the Internet?

By John O'Leary
John introduces us to the most influential photographer in the world Jeremy Cowart and his amazing work – photographing the Obama’s and Taylor Swift, and more inspiring: using photography for social good.Recently a friend recommended a guest I should have on my Live Inspired Podcast. He said, “Jeremy Cowart is themost influential photographer in the world and he has a new book coming out, he’s perfect.”Okay… photography! We’ve never had a photographer on the show, ...
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Dave Sanderson: Declassified- Restoration

By Dave Sanderson
You don't need a literal plane crash to be restored. You will have your own "personal plane crash" in your life. There are many ways to restoration in your life, growing and connecting instead of being stagnant and withering.
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Making Mistakes

By Josh Linkner
In school, we're taught that mistakes should be avoided at all costs. We learn that getting something wrong somehow means that we're wrong as a human beings, that each mistake translates to a lower self-worth score. These dreaded slip-ups can be so hurtful that we learn to recoil from the very thought of stumbling, much like we avoid the hot stove for a lifetime after burning our hand just once. Yet hiding from mistakes can be the biggest mistake we can make in our companies and careers. The truth is, mistakes are ...
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The Mother of Dragons

By Josh Linkner
Spoiler Alert! (if you haven't caught up on GOT, stop reading and JUMP to "SPOILER START" below) Wow. How incredible that the woman who built her career on kindness and empathy turned every heartfelt follower to ash this week. The power of the loyalty that she built was, prior to this week, unstoppable. Her motives pure and sincere, and those that fought for her bravely, often died for the causes that all of us can relate to: humanity, love, mercy, equality, freedom. We watched her in absolute awe - struck by her ...
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Say Goodbye To Knowledge Workers And Welcome To Learning Workers

By Jacob Morgan
In today's workplace environment, does it matter what you know or how you know it? It turns out how we value workers is changing, and the emphasis now is on learning and adapting instead of coming into a job with the skills required to do everything.In the old system of working, you were often categorized as a "knowledge worker" if you dealt with knowledge and information, which applied to most everyone working in an office. That meant workers basically fell into two ...
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Leadership is ACTION.

By Thomas C. Murray
In this #LeadershipMinute, Tom talks about how leadership is defined by one’s actions. To see all of Tom’s #LeadershipMinutes, visit his YouTube Channel.
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Daily Inspiration: "A simple formula for innovation? Imagination, ingenuity & initiative!"

By Jim Carroll
"A simple formula for innovation? Imagination, ingenuity & initiative!" Futurist Jim Carroll Use your creativity to think about what's possible. Figure out a really unique way to do it. Then, actually carry through with your plan! That's it. That's all you need to do. I deal with so many people who seem to get stuck, and don't know where to start – whether it’s with a change in career, the pursuit of new business models, or the development of a new ...

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