Comic + author Adam Cayton-Holland joins us in time for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 2018.

Comic Adam Cayton-Holland’s Tragedy + Time book is a tragi-comic memoir about his sister’s death as a result of suicide.

Adam took pause in his favorite Denver park to join us for this personal...

Hubris is having excessive pride or self-confidence. Hubris means having deadly pride. Thinking you can do things better than anyone else… Even God.

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Changing With the Times

By Steve Beecham, Posted September 12th 2018

My friend Trummie Patrick has been one of the top insurance agents in north Fulton for decades, but he doesn’t rest on his laurels. He’s happy to adapt to changes in the market and our changing times.

Take a few moments and listen to some of what makes Trummie so great.

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In defence of the arts

By Richard Gerver, Posted September 12th 2018

Earlier this month, I attended a round table to explore how the arts could and should be celebrated properly in education. There was an eclectic and fascinating mix of people involved. From artistic directors of some of our grandest arts organisations, school leaders, policy makers and leaders of...

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Live Inspired Vlog 189: Do It Anyway

By John O'Leary, Posted September 12th 2018

Be Vulnerable and Open Your Heart to Others

Alright, well good morning my friends!

Welcome to Live Inspired with John O’Leary, our LIVE Facebook version on this Wednesday morning, as the sun continues to rise- this time over my right shoulder.

I welcome you into another Wednesday morning, and...

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How To Build Trust With Your Clients

By Ian Altman, Posted September 12th 2018

Trust is key to selling. In this video discover how to build and engender trust with your clients.

Studies show that over 85% of the people who work in a corporate environment hate their jobs.

“If you’re not working on customer experience, you’re working on the wrong thing”-

You never know when you’re going to meet someone who wants to buy your book, so it’s always smart to have a copy handy. But not everyone carries around cash or a checkbook, so I highly recommend the following three payment options:

  1. PayPal

  2. Venmo

  3. Square


If you have a free PayPal account (...

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Where Do I Belong?

By John O'Leary, Posted September 10th 2018

Lonely young woman, loneliness epidemic, belongAddressing the Loneliness Epidemic

"We are all so much together, but we are all dying of loneliness." – Albert Schweitzer

It happened seven years ago while in Toronto.

After a 75-minute presentation to a group of sales leaders, I received an impassioned standing ovation from the crowd of almost...