Courtesy Southeastern Guide Dogs and Taya Kyle



November 09, 2018 02:28 PM

Veteran’s Day is Nov. 11, but to these two canines, every day is a day of gratitude for those who have served our country.

Pups Norman and Keith were both trained bySoutheastern Guide Dogs, a Florida-based...

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Amputee World Cup Soccer

By Josh Sundquist, Posted November 9th 2018


I'm back home from the Amputee Soccer World Cup in Mexico.

If you've read my books or seen me speak you might recall that when I was nine, I was going to try out for this local travel soccer team. I loved the idea of traveling to other towns, competing, and most all wearing a uniform....

What resonated to me is that from the first of time to today, it's your performance in anything that counts most, not your words.

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Leadership is About Positioning

By Shar McBee, Posted November 8th 2018

Leadership is about positioning. Not only your own, but how you position others as well. Leadership and yoga have a lot in common, which is what inspired my new book, Leadership with a Twist of Yoga. I’m hanging in wait until it comes out. – Shar McBee

The post Leadership is About Positioning...

Here's a behind-the-scenes video about my new Halloween costume (which has topped one million views!):

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Here's How to Grow Your Business

By Bobby Albert, Posted November 8th 2018

Many years ago, a friend told me about a seminar that he had attended. Each seminar participant received a cap with the word ON on the front of the cap and the word IN on the back of the cap.

They were asked at the start of the seminar to wear the cap backward – showing the IN above his or her...

Klyn Elsbury Shares 4 Ways to Find Your Happy on the Live Inspired Podcast

Klyn Elsbury has Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic condition that nearly claimed her life 5 years ago.

Today, Klyn is living her “second chance.” Her close call with mortality has made her ever present to the gift in each moment...

Dave inteviews Michael Angelo Caruso about the secret to great storytelling.

A Lesson on how to Respond to Challenges in Our Lives

Well my friend, good morning!

Welcome to Live Inspired with John O’Leary on a brisk, beautiful, gorgeous Fall morning.

This is John O’Leary and I’m honored to be with you today to talk about the turbulence of life.

Because what I know to be...

The accusations of racism have been taken to a whole new level. Now it's racist to run an ad featuring a convicted illegal alien cop killer bragging about his crime. This is where we are in America. The networks pulled a Trump ad just before the midterms that featured Luis Bracamontes, convicted...