I hate meetings. They sit subconsciously in my brain, taking up space. I prepare for them in my notebooks. I travel to them, and then back again, in the middle of my work days. And what do most meetings usually result in? You guessed it — more...

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Growing Your Service Business

By Steve Beecham, Posted March 14th 2018

According to a recent article in Inc Magazine, there are three things you must consider in order to grow your service business:

Define your customer

You have to know what your perfect customer looks like. Dive into your customer base and discover who you want to marry and not who you want to...

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Happy International Women’s Day 2018!Now is the time to stand together for women worldwide, so please join us in congratulating our 2018 Champions of Change.

Our Champions of Change campaign was introduced at the chapter’s 30th-anniversary celebration in October 2017. We are proud to announce the...

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A refresher on hyphenation

By Maria Murnane, Posted March 12th 2018

Hyphens are used to avoid ambiguity when two descriptive words are next to each other before a noun. (They are also used for compound words such asself-esteem.)

For example, take the following sentence:

The small business owner got a great loan from the bank.

Is the business owner a small person? Or...

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A Deep Dive on Company Culture

By Steve Beecham, Posted March 6th 2018

We have been talking about leadership for years. The next great corporate frontier is creating great culture. The younger workforce will demand it and the boomers are looking for the fulfillment that it will provide.

Understanding culture is like understanding Maslow's Law. First, are my basic...

Amputee soccer is kind of hilarious

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A Rock Star Insurance Agent

By Steve Beecham, Posted February 27th 2018

In my recent interview with Trummie Patrick, one of the top insurance agents in the country, three things stand out for me.

  1. He loves what he does. He loves helping people and gets joy out of simply helping his customers. Do you love what you do?

  2. To start each day, Trummie holds a team meeting....

Do you know the difference betweene.g.andi.e.?If your answer is no, or that you think you do but you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick refresher on how to use them correctly.

E.g.meansfor example:

  • There are many things to do on this island,e.g.,snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving....

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Disruptive Excellence

By Hamish Brewer, Posted February 19th 2018

By Natalia Rietveld

Hamish Brewer is not your typical principal and his unruly approach is yielding academic excellence from the most unlikely places.

Born and raised in Auckland, Hamish moved to America in 2003 as part of a teaching cultural exchange programme, after backpacking and rock climbing...

Teachers have to create experiences to show that African ancestral heritage doesn't reflect only poverty and pain.

Recently,Ron Clark Academy (RCA) students went viral celebrating a trip to viewBlack Panther. Our students’ energy reflects culturally relevant teaching and learning about Africa and...