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October 27, 2019
The 12 Secret Brainstorming Techniques of Billionaires
By Josh Linkner
We've all struggled to generate good ideas. From trying to invent the next industry transformation to imagining a better way to run your team meeting, the creative act is critically ...
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October 25, 2019
How to Manage Performance for Creative Work
By Bruce Tulgan
If performance management is all about driving continuous improvement in productivity and quality--and helping employees strike a balance toggling back and forth between speed and ...
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October 24, 2019
It’s The Bottom Of The 9th!
By Troy Hazard
With only a few weeks to run until the end of the year, for many business leaders, it's starting to feel like the bottom of the (never-ending) 9th! It's also about this time your focus on winning the game shifts ...
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October 24, 2019
Live Inspired Podcast: American Idol's William Hung: Champion by Choice (ep. 196)
By John O'Leary
John O’Leary welcomes American Idol’s William Hung to the Live Inspired Podcast as he shares about taking chances and becoming a champion by choice.How do you ...
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October 23, 2019
Business Leadership Imperative: What You Need to Know
By Daniel Burrus
Have you ever wished you could predict the future? What would you do if you could clearly see critical changes in the months and years ahead and use them to shape your future instead ...
October 22, 2019
The Basic Guide to Planning a Fundraiser
By Olivia Kuban
Organizing a fundraiser can be daunting, but with this step-by-step guide, it doesn't have to be! Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to raising money with a great event in no time. 1. Establish ...
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October 22, 2019
Imposter Syndrome
By Dan Thurmon
Do you ever doubt you're good enough or even qualified for the responsibilities you face? If so, you may be experiencing "Imposter Syndrome." This short video (2.5 minutes) will help you get past these limiting thoughts in ...
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October 21, 2019
Overwhelm Is In Your Mind
By Auntie Anne Beiler
A few weeks ago, as I was writing and preparing for upcoming events, I had this very unsettling feeling. I wasn’t sure how to identify the feeling, and so I chalked it up as “too much to think about.” I decided I ...
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October 21, 2019
How to Change the World
By John O'Leary
Showcasing the Power of YOU"Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher, can change the world." - Malala YousafzaiLast Tuesday I had the amazing opportunity to spend a full day with my new friends ...
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October 21, 2019
Live Inspired Podcast: Four Steps to Fail Forward (Monday Moments ep. 195)
By John O'Leary
On this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moments segment, John O’Leary shares four steps to help you successfully fail forward."Perseverance is failing 19 times and ...

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