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Beyond Speaking Podcast: Mike Ditka

By Mike Ditka, Posted September 4th 2018

Mike Ditka - Lessons from an NFL Legend

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Legendary NFL coach and player Mike Ditka shares how football has changed over the years, why only some quarterbacks are true leaders and advice to youth coaches.

Topics covered in this episode:

What are the...

Instead of making it your goal to get that first meeting, take a better approach this is likely to lead you to the right prospective clients that are an ideal fit for your business.

One of the first lessons I learned about goal setting is when you make a goal, take immediate action!

How do you make a decision when you’re experiencing indecision? In this three minute video, Dan shares four techniques to move from uncertainty to a confident and well informed choice. Get off the fence, get on with your life, and get after your growth and goals!

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Back to School

By Josh Linkner, Posted September 3rd 2018

As cash registers speedily ring up #2 pencils and file folders, the back to school craze is officially in high gear. Last minute haircuts, wardrobe enhancements, and new lunchboxes help ring in this time of year when students prepare to learn. New courses, new teachers, new classrooms, new...

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Jetting Home for the Show

By Josh Sundquist, Posted September 3rd 2018

A client generously offered a private plane to make it possible for me to give a keynote speech at their event and still make it home in time to perform my one-man show.

Last week was the end of the initial eight-night run. The final three performances were sold out (!)and I'm pleased to say we'll...

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True Victory

By John O'Leary, Posted September 3rd 2018

Glenn Cunningham RunnerChoosing to Live a Life of Significance

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. -Winston Churchill

I introduced you to Glenn Cunningham already.

You know, the man who was terribly burned as a kid, learned to walk, started running, became an Olympian, and decades later...

Dave interviews Michael Angelo Caruso about tips for being funny in a speech.

Dave interviews Scott Armstrong about not depreciating your best asset!

Make sure your personal brand reflects what you want others to see.