Mel Robbins is the author of The 5 Second Rule, the #1 audio book in the world. She is also the most booked female speaker and hosts the Audible Original series Kick Ass With Mel Robbins.

Today, Mel Robbins shares how millions of people have transformed their lives by using her 5-second rule....

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The Power of Noticing

By Angela Maiers, Posted June 20th 2018

Keynote Speaker, Educator, Author, and Igniter of #YouMatter

This weekend Ire-watchedone of my favorite movies,Shall We Dance. Andas cute as Richard Gere was in the movie (and boy was he!),my attention centered on a moment in where his onscreen wife,Susan Sarandonwhispered these words in his ear:


Customers love it when you make them look smart to their boss (everyone has one, you know.) Here’s something from the Harvard Business Review that you can cut/paste/send to your buyers who are looking for a leadership or change message from their speaker.

The best leaders tolerate dissent....

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Go Pro

By Steve Beecham, Posted June 20th 2018

Steve is back on the Real Estate Success Show with Brian Patton to talk about striving to the be the best version of yourself no matter your profession. He talks about what separates the elites from the average ball players in professional sports and what it takes to “go pro” in business.

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“Plugging In” To What Matters Most

Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure of traveling to Spain and Ireland with my wife and kids.

This trip meant that for a little over a week, all of us were free from the distractions of work, email, social media, television, and video games. And more...

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Being a "Wingman"

By Dan Thurmon, Posted June 18th 2018

What does it mean to be a “Wingman” for those most important in life? This week we learn from the Atlanta Braves “Hometown Hero,” Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman. So honored to celebrate the occasion and gain some valuable insight from a great friend.

Rob Waldman is a Lt. Col. in the US Air Force,...

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IN STUDIO - Webcast #14

By John O'Leary, Posted June 18th 2018

IN STUDIO – Webcast #14: FEARLESSNESS: Six Words to Ensure You Live Your Most Courageous Life Live Inspired IN STUDIO Webcasts are LIVE every third Monday of the month at 10:30 AM CST. If you are unable to attend live, you can access the video, audio downloads & ongoing discussions here 24/7....

In a recent post I explained that the seasons of the year should not be capitalized, nor should job titles that don’t come directly before a person’s name. Here are two other areas in which I frequently see capital letters where they shouldn’t be:

Fields of study/work

Unless it’s a language,...

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Simplify Life

By John O'Leary, Posted June 18th 2018

Mother and Daughter Stress Free, Simplify Life

No More Stress

"Act with honor. We need more people who can say 'follow my example.’" - Dale Partridge

I was interviewing bestselling author Dale Partridge on my Live Inspired Podcast when he said this quote. I was blown away by its simplicity and its power.

Dale was discussing significant...

One thing is for sure: What worked to get you to one level will not get you to the next. Every phase of your life will require a different you, and regardless of where you are at, you’ll have to change at least one thing (if not multiple things) to catapult yourself to where you […]

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