Dave Sanderson shares what the statement “if you work on your gifts they will make room for you” means to him and where he learned this statement.

But We Should Certainly Strive to Respect Everyone

Well good morning, my friends! Welcome to Live Inspired with John O’Leary on this Wednesday morning.

This is probably going to be the last Wednesday morning you see a Christmas wreath behind my head. This is maybe one of the last Wednesdays you...

I've talked a lot about how visualization helps you create the future you want. This powerful tool has made a difference for me in my own life, when as an out-of-work-lawyer-turned-executive life coach, I saw myself on a TED stage one day, sharing with others how I changed my life. In my vision I...

What if they had a government shutdown and nobody noticed? If you're one of the few Americans who has actually had to go without pay, I apologize. My point is the doom and gloom and Armageddon of a partial government shutdown foretold by the Democrats never materialized. It was similar to the...

Dave shares one of the lessons he learned from his mentor Bill.

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Why Winning Doesn't Matter

By Curtis Zimmerman, Posted January 8th 2019

Congratulations! You did it: You got the job, won the contest, got your acceptance letter or earned a promotion. But guess what? None of that matters for your long-term fulfillment and success. And I'm explaining why in my latest podcast!

You see, I've seen too many "winners" get the promotion...

Most of us know the tremendous impact branding can have on an organization. When most of us hear "branding," we think colors, websites, logos, and names.

But Bill Gullan says that's not where branding starts.

Bill's the president of Finch Brands, where they help clients brand and rebrand every...

Dave shares the first principle his mentor Bill shared with him for business success.

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Life is Pain

By Dan Thurmon, Posted January 7th 2019

When life becomes painful for you or someone you care about, how should you respond? Here are two useful strategies - the first for dealing with your pain, and the second for relating to others about their pain.

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Let Me Help You!

By Steve Beecham, Posted January 7th 2019

People are always asking me for my ‘tips and tricks’ on how I have kept my business growing for over 20 years. My answer to them is simple…. LET ME COME TEACH YOU HOW!

I host workshops, coaching sessions (one-on-one or group), and speak at company events as their keynote speaker. I enjoy helping...