Last week, I shared thefirst three of my top six takeawaysfromTessa Ann Taylor’shiring strategy at The New York Times:

  1. Widen the Scope of Your Hiring
  2. It’s Worth the Effort to Hire that One Great Person
  3. Culture Is What Truly Makes You Stand Out as an Employer

Here are the last three takeaways for...

A Lesson on Creativity from My Daughter Grace

Erik Wahl, the latest guest on my Live Inspired Podcast, wrote that many of us believe creative genius is reserved for the chosen few. But don’t be fooled, he says. Creative genius actually resides within each one of us. We just must be brave enough...

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Letting Go

By Dan Thurmon, Posted May 7th 2018

While in Orlando this week for a speaking engagement, Dan took a fun diversion to fly with professional trapeze artists. Watch this short video to join the adventure and learn the art of letting go!

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Rediscover the Canvas

By John O'Leary, Posted May 7th 2018

Erik Wahl Reminds Us That We’re All Artists

“Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas.” -E.A. Bucchianeri

Erik Wahl had it all figured out.

As a child, he learned if he colored perfectly inside the lines he’d get an A. He was taught that if he performed in the exact manner expected...

“It was good until it wasn’t.”

Erik Wahlvalued hard work and success. Achievement + money were his measurement and, by his early 30s, he wasvery successful in corporate America.

Until he wasn’t.During the dot-com bust in 2000, Erik lost the “financial fortress” he’d built and his identity along...

John’s Short Walk With Glenn Cunningham

Something powerful happens when someone who has traveled the same road we’re walking chooses to walk with us.

At the age of nine, I was lucky enough to have such an individual step into my life. His name was Glenn Cunningham, and the lessons he shared with...

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Why Are You So Scared?

By Steve Beecham, Posted May 1st 2018

If you are SCARED to do something, use this 3-step process to help alleviate the fear.

Vision = Belief = GRIT

Listen to my podcast with Brian Patton for the details.

On another topic, I will be teaching a Millennial...

High school bully apologizes

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Rockstar Relationships

By Dan Thurmon, Posted April 30th 2018

I am blessed with amazing and brilliant friends, and this week I want you to meet Mark Schulman, who is both a fantastic professional speaker AND a real-life rock star as the drummer for international phenomenon, Pink! This week, Mark talks a bit about how he attains peak performance energy by...

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Start Now

By John O'Leary, Posted April 30th 2018

What the ‘Iron Nun’ Can Teach Us About Active Aging

“To change the world around you, give the world what you have, and serve the world with all you are.”– Printed on medal awarded for the World Harmony Run

At what age is something just no longer possible?

At what age is taking up a new hobby,...