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November 03, 2019
How To Inject Artistry Into Your Work
By Josh Linkner
When we think of an artist, we envision a tormented soul wearing a beret and a turtleneck, painting with oil on a canvas. Yet despite this stereotype, there are many other types of artists. In fact, ...
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November 02, 2019
Why Ask Questions?
By Evan Robb
by Laura Robb (names are pseudonyms) "All we do is read a few chapters and do worksheets. We never ask questions. No discussions. I hate worksheet packets and memorizing vocab for tests. I hear what my friends are reading. ...
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November 01, 2019
Learn How To Creative Interactive Diagrams In Google Slides In Less Than 5 Minutes
By Michael Cohen
I love taking Google Apps to the next level. Here is a short video to get you up and running for the start of the school year. Learn to create interactive ...
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October 31, 2019
Live Inspired Podcast: One Mother's Uplifting Journey to Defeating Childhood Cancer (ep. 198)
By John O'Leary
John O’Leary welcomes Dr. April Jonesto the Live Inspired Podcast as she shares her uplifting story of turning her pain into purpose.How do we react ...
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October 30, 2019
The Man-Hug
By Mark Mayfield
As you might guess, over the course of more than 40 years of stage work I've had a lot of crazy stuff happen. I'm not just talking the normal things like dishes crashing (how about not trying to carry 20 at a ...
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October 30, 2019
Business Leadership Imperative: What Business Leaders Must Do (Part 2)
By Daniel Burrus
Now that I've revealed what business leaders must know in order to become the disruptor instead of the disrupted, the next step is applying those principles. I discussed ...
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October 29, 2019
What We Can Learn from the Transformational Leadership Style of Alyson Lundell
By Curtis Zimmerman
Ready to hone in on your transformational leadership style? Episode #33 with Senior Director of PR at Universal Orlando Resorts Alyson Lundell will help you ...
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October 29, 2019
Excuses Excused
By Dan Thurmon
Exactly when does an explanation become an excuse? And how do you get past it? WATCH THE VIDEO. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO. READ THE TRANSCRIPT. Exactly when ...
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October 28, 2019
Pixar Lamp Costume
By Josh Sundquist
I'm dressing as the Pixar Lamp for Halloween! My internet followers have been asking me to do this costume for years! Here's a video about the making of the costume, how it works (yes, the light turns on!) and my past ...
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October 28, 2019
Finding the Courage to Face Hardships
By Auntie Anne Beiler
Have you ever found yourself saying it takes a lot of courage to: Climb a mountain, Fight a good fight, Run a marathon., Apply for a job, Skydive, Start your own business, Or anything that would be ...

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