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Neen James- The Attention Deficit Workplace - The Answer Starts with YOU!

By Neen James
You are a role modelto someone. The expression "tone at the top" is true. The example leaders demonstrate is often believed to be a requirement employees must follow. No matter what's written in policy handbooks or said aloud, the traits leaders demonstrate others will implement as their own. Even though most leaders recognize this to be true, it's easy to forget how daily behavior is observed and actions are emulated. When we use the word 'leader' we are ...
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Uncommon Denominator

By Dan Thurmon
How can you stand out from the noise to make a great connection quickly? This video will provide an important key to make a better first impression, or even turn around your existing relationships that seem stuck in negativity. WATCH THE VIDEO. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO. READ THE TRANSCRIPT. How do you make a great impression or a meaningful connection? Find the "uncommon denominator." Don't worry. I'll explain. This week we're Off Balance On ...
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Seriously, You're Doomed! You're About to Have an Organizational Coronary!

By Jim Carroll
Why are you doomed? Because you are dysfunctional. How do you know? Read my list: Want to debate it? Ok, take the test: ' Need to fix it? Read the full "Innovation Killers"; page here. You're welcome. To book Jim Carrollfor your next event, visit hisprofile: Need books for an event? Get bulk books at non-bulky prices at The post Seriously, You're Doomed! You're About to Have an Organizational Coronary! appeared ...
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One More Round With Hamish Brewer

By Hamish Brewer
The ILA General Session speaker on how a relentless attitude can change anything -By Colleen Patrice Clark Hamish Brewer just doesn't know when to quit.When it seemed like the world was against him growing up-a broken home, an environment impacted by drugs and alcohol, a shortage of teachers who believed in him-he ignored the naysayers. Despite being told repeatedly that he wasn't smart enough or academic enough, he went on to be the first of his family to go to college-followed by a master's degree ...
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Daily Inspiration: "The era of 24-hour, continuous, non-stop farming is soon upon us!

By Jim Carroll
"The era of 24-hour, continuous, non-stop farming is soon upon us!" - #Futurist Jim Carroll I was in Orlando yesterday for a talk for AgFirst - a group in the Eastern US that manages lending and finance to the agricultural community. In 45 minutes, I barely had the time to scratch the surface of the massive number of trends sweeping the world of agriculture. Smart plants hyper-connected with smart dust; weed zapping robots; micro-varietals; hyper-located ...
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Want to Attract Top Talent? Here Are Three Things You Aren’t Doing That You Should Be

By Eric Termuende
Remember the days we simply checked in and checked out of work? Me neither. With the average American working47 hours a week, and many working over 50, work isn't just something we do, it is an indicator of who we are, who we spend our time with, and what problems we are interested in solving. Why then is it16% of the global workforce is engaged, and only 17% here at home are engaged? If a prospective employee's first touchpoint with a company isn't ...
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Live Inspired Podcast: Seven Longest Yards: Chris Norton on Monday Moments (ep. 165)

By John O'Leary
Chris Norton rejoins John O'Leary on the Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moments segment to share about his latest book The Seven Longest Yards. Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moments segment. Today I welcome back Chris Norton to remind us that life's lowest moments can be the source of our greatest blessings. This conversation will give you hope + inspiration to help start your week on fire! Get Chris ...
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Life is a Gift

By John O'Leary
Break Down the Stigma Around Mental Health "Life is a gift, that is why they call it the present. Cherish it always." - Kevin Hines [Tweet this] | [Share on Facebook] A few months ago, I learned the tragic news that two of my friends had taken their own lives. These two men did not know each other. They were in different stages of life, different careers, different family situations. And yet, they were two guys I knew, two guys I loved, two guys I looked up to. And two guys whom I thought had everything in life going ...
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How to Give and Receive Criticism

By Auntie Anne Beiler
I've heard it said once that, "There is very little difference between people, but that little difference makes a great deal of difference."; How true that is! We're all humans, sharing in this human experience. We all feel. We all grow. We all pass on. And while it may look like we're different, the differences between us aren't that great. One of the differences between all of us is how we value people. We get to choose how much or how little value we place on others. When it comes to valuing people, ...
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What's Driving Disruption? Multiple Trends, All at Once!

By Jim Carroll
We've never lived in a time that has involved so much opportunity. Consider what is happening as multiple trends appear, combine, and provide pathways for imagination. To book Jim Carrollfor your next event, visit hisprofile: Need books for an event? Get bulk books at non-bulky prices at Learn more - 24 Reasons Why Disruption is Bigger Than You Think It Is -> The post What's Driving ...

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