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Preview of my one-man show

By Josh Sundquist, Posted October 10th 2018

I perform a one-man show every Friday night in Santa Monica (more info).

Here's my new preview video about the show:

Or if you prefer to view it on Instagram:

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Live Inspired Vlog 193: As You Wish

By John O'Leary, Posted October 10th 2018

How You View Your World Becomes Your Reality

Well good morning, my friends!

Welcome to Live Inspired with John O’Leary.

This episode on Wednesday morning is brought to you by my dear friends at McDonalds. That’s right, I’m borrowing their wifi just for a moment.

Don’t worry! I’ll go back in...

Dave interviews Don Barden about what is means to put others first.

What if you could bypass Facebook and connect directly with customers?

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US Amputee Soccer Team

By Josh Sundquist, Posted October 9th 2018

I have the honor of competing on the US Amputee Soccer Team. (In fact, we'll be competing in the Amputee World Cup in Mexico this year!)

It's a great honor to represent my country on the soccer field (or "pitch," as purist football fans would say). I also think the sport is kind of funny. Watch...

In previous posts I’ve discussed the importance of putting obstacles in front of characters as a way to bring conflict into your story. Another way to create conflict is to consider multiple ways a character could view a situation--then have her choose the worst one. Why do this? Because how your...

Dave discusses with Holly about the Soul of Leadership

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Artful Living

By Dan Thurmon, Posted October 8th 2018

Are you approaching your job and your life as an artistic contribution? This week, Dan will help you enhance your expression and impact in order to gain powerful external and internal rewards.

I'm at Mason Mills Park, a place here in Georgia that celebrates and elevates street art. I thought...

Politics aside, Senator Susan Collins' 45-minute speech announcing her support of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, delivered lessons that everyone, regardless of political ideology, can learn from her speech on the Senate floor.

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Shorten the Line

By John O'Leary, Posted October 8th 2018

Hot Chicken Takeover Supportive EmploymentJoe DeLoss Strives to Not Simply Serve, but to Passionately Solve

"I believe in work. If somebody doesn’t create something, however small it may be, he gets sick. An awful lot of people feel that they’re treading water — that if they vanished in smoke, it wouldn’t mean anything at all in this...