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Andre Norman went from juvie, to jail to Harvard.

Andre began selling marijuana in 6th grade to pay for pants so he wasn’t seen as the “poor, smelly kid with only two pairs of pants.”

Vulnerable insights like this one from Andre will allow you to expand your humanity and understand the very...

Dave interviews Jessica Rhodes about the power of hosting a podcast

My Love Letter to Teachers on the First Day of School

Well good morning, my friends!

We are LIVE Facebook-style on Wednesday morning vlog with John O’Leary. I am delighted to be with you this morning on a bit of a wet, rainy, unusually chilly August morning.

This is the start of the school season...

Dave interviews Scott Armstrong about the power of the team you run with!

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Bad Buzz

By Steve Beecham, Posted August 14th 2018

Finding your buzz is all about seeking information. If you have BAD BUZZ, you will most likely find this out - directly or indirectly - from those who haven't done business with you. But there’s one other very effective way to identify bad buzz.

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Brainstorming at the Cabin is...

Specific steps you can take to help ensure your connections on LinkedIn are authentic and meaningful.

Dave interviews IncMag Top 100 speaker Dov Baron about how to have loyalty in a millennial age

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1,000 Catches

By Dan Thurmon, Posted August 13th 2018

Do you view discipline as a punishment or as an opportunity to grow? Becoming disciplined to do what’s necessary is the skill that separates those who accomplish their goals from those who simply imagine a better future. And it doesn’t take as long as you might think. The real key is consistency....

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Challenge your characters

By Maria Murnane, Posted August 13th 2018

My editor once told me that the way to write an interesting novel is to put a series of obstacles in front of the main character. A successful author offered similar advice: Put interesting characters into an interesting situation, and you have the foundation for an interesting story.