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As I've articulated in the last several articles, I believe that oil prices are going to drift much lower over the coming year. I keep harping on it because I am fighting a pervasive bullish bias in the financial media and in street expectations. It's...

When to use THAT and when to use WHICH

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On the heels of my post about when to use “who” vs. “that,” today I thought I’d address an equally thorny differentiation: “that” vs. “which.”


Pink Flamingos and Science That Stands on One Leg

Scientists have worked out why flamingos stand on one leg.

I’m glad there’s finally headway in this matter. The good news is that no flamingos were harmed during this study, because they were dead. That’s right — to test this one-legged conundrum they used some flamingos...

How to Pursue Your Passion and NOT Become Successfully Miserable.jpeg


Several years ago, I followed the common business advice of the day on how to pursue your passion.  First, find something you’re truly passionate about.  Second, pursue it obsessively.  And then third, become wildly successful and wealthy!  Easy, right?  All...

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7 Tips to Raising Healthy Boys

By Meg Meeker, Posted May 22nd 2017


7 Tips to Raising Healthy Boys

1.  Know how to encourage your son. One fault is babying and spoiling him. But another is being so harsh that you lose communication with your son and destroy his sense of self-worth. We’ll look at how to strike the right balance.

2. Understand what your boys need. Guess...

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Way To Go Ron Clark!

By Ron Clark, Posted May 22nd 2017

Congratulations to our very own Ron Clark! It was announced recently that he along with former Vice President Joe Biden, Akon, Women's March Organizers, and Van Jones will be celebrated at the Andrew J. Young International Leadership Awards on June 3rd.

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Dads: Six Essential Love—”Dos and Don’ts” for Your Daughter

Men love differently than women. That’s why you scratch your head in confusion when your daughter or wife cries and insists that you don’t understand. They want you to know what they want, like, and need, without ever telling you. You, on the other and, love deeply but differently.


My Daughter Is Marrying A Woman. What’s A Mother To Do?

My Daughter Is Marrying A Woman. What’s A Mother To Do?

Dear Dr. Meg,

It has been quite a while since I wrote to you and I am going through a very difficult time. My oldest daughter who is 44, is getting married. She is a Christian and is marrying her partner. Her brother and sister in law...

The latest in the hit Country Faith music series, Country Faith America, is out May 19. The release will mark the fifth album in the series that has accumulated $1.6 million in sales to date.

The full-length studio album consisting of country music’s biggest stars and their...