When we talk with people about their Money Personalities, someone always asks us how they happened to get them.

Are they born with them? Is it how they were raised? The answer is yes and not really.

We see example after example that verifies your two Money Personalities are part of...


FOX News has signed market strategist and former CNBC commentator Steve Cortes as a contributor. Cortes will provide market and political analysis on FOX Business Network (FBN) and FOX News Channel (FNC)....

Aside from retirement, sending your kids to college is probably the largest expense that you will experience. Even the politicians are saying, “College is not affordable. Student loan debt is out of control.” We think every parent worries about this. But, is it even worth saving and...

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If You Can Dream It, "Crush It"

By Tom Mitchell, Posted January 25th 2017

Many of us are running a sprint and don't realize it. We move from activity to activity, put our heads down and blinders on and run forward with blinding speed. A marathon sounds much better: you're still moving forward quickly, but taking the time to pace yourself so you can be more resolute and...


There's power in uplifting others.

Speaking to a hopeful crowd in Montgomery, Alabama in 1957, Dr. King shared, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’.”

At times like these, we must ask ourselves--how are we of service to those...

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Two Years Traveling Down A Dark Road

By Tom Mitchell, Posted January 10th 2017

Learning to Live Differently, Balancing Personal and Professional Selves After Tragedy

Since I lost my son, Drew at 22 years old, to an undiagnosed medical condition, I've learned a lot about myself as I've navigated a treacherous and dark road. It has been a little more than two years now since I...

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What's Your Superpower?

By Tom Koulopoulos, Posted January 10th 2017


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We all have something that makes us extraordinary, and once you figure it out you're unstoppable!

Cutting To The Core

If you want to achieve your full potential there is something about yourself that you need to understand intimately and fine tune relentlessly, and it's...

It goes without saying that when it comes time to revise the first draft of your manuscript, much of it is going to end up on the cutting room floor. Whether it’s due to shifting plotlines, characters that no longer work, or scenes that are too long, removal is part of the process. (And of...

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By Dan Waldschmidt, Posted January 6th 2017

After Philip II of Macedon invaded Greece, dozens of key city-states submitted to his conquest without putting up a fight — knowing that the Macedonian army would destroy their lands, kill their sons and their women if they didn’t surrender before the fight began.

They were promised...


Practicing Resilience: Hinchinbrook Island. April 1997... 

We can easily understand the concept of resilience, but to truly become resilient, it must be practiced….

It happened again last week. Following my keynote presentation in northern Idaho for a healthcare group, a gentleman...