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October 16, 2014
CIA Hero Reveals he has Parkinson's Disease
By Tony & Jonna Mendez
Tony Mendez, the retired CIA agent played by Ben Affleck in the hit movie "Argo,'' has revealed that he is battling Parkinson's disease. Mendez and his wife, Jonna, spoke about his condition during ...
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October 14, 2014
Success Can Be A Mental Game
By Ruben Gonzalez
Back when I took up the sport of luge, one of myOlympic coaches used to tell me, "Ruben, you'reonly six inches away from massive success!" Iwasn't sure what he meant. He explained, "Sixinches is the distance ...
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October 14, 2014
Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better
By Scott Rasmussen
In 1913, an entrepreneur "said in many newspapers and over his signature that it would be possible to transmit the human voice across the Atlantic before many years."; For that accurate ...
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October 10, 2014
Former Secret Service Agent Talks About Recent White House Security Breaches [VIDEO]
By Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin
Andrea Mitchell talks to former Secret Service agent Clint Hill about the recent breach at the White House that is raising alarms over security. Biography ...
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October 09, 2014
Body Language in Business can Make or Break You
By Tonya Reiman
Written by Carol Niemi Do you drive yourself crazy thinking you won't get the business if your elevator pitch or sales presentation isn't perfect? Consider this: Though there's no denying the ...
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October 07, 2014
Elizabeth Smart Empowers Women With Survival Story
By Elizabeth Smart
Written by Kimberly Ripley Elizabeth Smart will forever be remembered as the little Mormon girl from Utah, who was abducted in the middle of the night, held captive, and raped ...
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October 07, 2014
Small Steps Can Lead to Big Financial Changes
By Michelle Singletary
Seeing decorations popping up everywhere reminds me of one of my favorite songs from the television feature "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town."; A young Kris Kringle is trying to help the ...
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October 07, 2014
Four Strategies For Thinking Ahead of the Curve
By Robert Tucker
About the time you read this, I'll be stepping onto the stage here in Monterrey, Mexico, to kick off the Universidad de Monterrey's annual Innovation Summit. Arrived here yesterday, and did ...
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October 02, 2014
How Important is Teamwork to Business Success?
By Mark Sanborn
Randy Pennington It depends on your definition of "teamwork."; It is absolutely critical if you define teamwork as everyone having a shared vision; clear roles and responsibilities; delivering ...
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September 30, 2014
Scott MacIntyre Creates Awareness for Organ Donation With New Album
By Scott MacIntyre
After the release of his new album earlier this week, American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre announced he is facing end-stage kidney failure for the second time in his ...

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