Oliver North Wedding Day

Second Honeymoon. The sword Oliver North used to cut his wedding cake with wife Betsy has been returned after it went missing for 32 years.

Article byPaul Bedardof The Washington Examiner

It’s the simplest of weapons, but for retired Lt. Col. Oliver North, the dress sword presented to him at his...

In a Skype Interview withBrian Lord, former CEO of Southwest Airlines, Howard Putnamsharessome great stories and principles of leadership.

Howard's Biography:

Howard Putnam’s ultimate objective is “bottom line improvement.” He believes that cultures that place “people” as their #1 priority have the...

Michael Hyatt w/ Premiere's Brian Lord

Social media pioneer and leadership expert, Michael Hyatt, stopped by the Premiere studio to discuss his new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World(Nashville: Thomas Nelson).

Interview w/ Brian Lord:

Interview w/ Shawn Hanks:

Michael Hyatt w/ Brian Lord 2

Michael's Biography:

Michael Hyatt has been speaking publicly for...

In a Skype Interview with Michael Smallbone,CEO of the Phoenix Suns, Brad Caspershares a few pertinent takeaways for successful leadership.


Brad Casper has taken on three new roles concurrently in 2011. Brad was named President of the Phoenix Suns basketball team of the National...

by Four-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez

We stood for hours in the plaza trying to stay warm in the chilly Pyrenees Mountain morning. There were about 3000 people of all ages from all over the world drawn to Pamplona by the mystique of running with the bulls.

You could feel the tension rise as the time...

In a Skype Interview withBrian Lord,4-time Olympic Gold Medalist,Janet Evansshares with us some of her Motherly Advice.

Janet's Biography:

Janet Evans is considered thegreatest female distance swimmer of all time, and much to the world’s delight, she’s back in the water. Celebrating her 40th...

Small 24835

Help Foster Children

By Michael Reagan, Posted May 11th 2012

Article taken from Amarillo.com

by Jacob Mayer

The adopted son of former President Ronald Reagan visited Amarillo on Thursday to meet with children in foster care and challenge the community to help children who have been abused or are in the foster care system.

“We have swept the children of...

Article from RasmussenReports.com

Telco Productions announced KCBS (CBS), Los Angeles, WADL (IND), Detroit and KPHO (CBS), Phoenix and seven Gray Television stations have joined the growing line-up for its half-hour weekly show,What America Thinks with Scott Rasmussen.

Telco has partnered with...

Article fromAndersonCooper.com

Elizabeth Smart appears on today's "Anderson" via satellite, and strongly urges parents to speak to their kids about the dangers of kidnapping. "I think you should be talking with your child every day, and helping them to understand that if they ever feel...

By Faith, Not By Sight

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Is it possible to be high on a mountain and deep in a valley at the same time?

This isn’t a riddle, it’s Scott MacIntyre’s life. Each time his dreams come true, Scott finds his nightmares not far behind. Some call it Murphy’s Law. Others call...