If you want to prosper, you have to work at it.

I don’t want to be a dream-killer, but the odds are not in your favor of winning the lottery. And a relative isn’t likely to leave you an inheritance that will allow you to tell your boss to take this job and shove it.

And yet you still can be rich....

Beth Holloway 1

Written by Kelsey Stein

Beth Holloway and other parents whose children have gone missing in recent years will appear on an episode of the daytime talk show "Katie" airing today.

The episode focuses on some of the most high-profile missing persons cases - Laci Peterson, Chandra Levy and Natalee...

You were created to chase your dreams. For that reason, you will never be truly satisfied until you break down all barriers that restrict and limit your soul's aspirations.

But you have to be willing to pay the price. There will be a struggle. That's how you will become stronger. You have to...

Written by Tod Leonard

In churches large and small, in corporate meetings filled with business people thirsty for motivation, Frank Reich feels right at home at the pulpit, on the dais.

For the Chargers’ first-year quarterbacks coach, it’s all about the teaching moments. His father bypassed an NFL...

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Huckabee in 2016?

By Gov Mike Huckabee, Posted January 6th 2014

Written by Steve Brawner

When Mike Huckabee spoke to a group of politically active pastors in Little Rock in December, he was asked if he is running for president again. He didn’t say no.

According to a report from the statewide daily, his first response at the event, sponsored by the American...

I love the annual ritual of making New Year’s resolutions.

Every year you have another chance. So don’t be discouraged if you didn’t meet last year’s resolutions. Keep trying, especially if at the top of your list was to become a better money manager.

Fidelity Investments found that for the third...

Article from Yahoo Finance

Business book connoisseurs 800-CEO-READ have announced that renowned graffiti artist Erik Wahl’s bookUNthink: Rediscover Your Creative Geniusfrom Crown Business has been selected as the business book of the year in the “Innovation & Creativity” category. It is also a...

Written by Amrita Jayakumar

What does it take to get your children the perfect holiday gift? A professional sleuth, apparently.

As the pressure to win the holiday shopping battle builds, marketers are inventing creative ways to help parents strategize.

Enter Jonna Mendez, wife of Antonio Mendez.


Steve Russell 1

Written by Phil Cross

It has been ten years since the former president of Iraq spent his final days of freedom hidden out on a farm near Tikrit. The decade anniversary of his capture is being commemorated with a display of artifacts from the hunt for and capture of Saddam Hussein.

The artifacts are...

Krauthammer - 1

We are thrilled to congratulate author, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, on his New York Times Bestsellers #1 listing for his book, Things That Matter.

Things That Matterpresents his penetrating and surprising reflections on everything from embryo research to entitlement reform, from Halley's Comet to...