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April 25, 2018
It's the crazies, stupid!
By Phil Valentine
It's almost like a broken record. Man shoots up school, or Waffle House, or fill-in-the-blank, and we immediately launch into a debate about guns. Obviously if the police were carrying guns when they finally ...
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April 25, 2018
Live Inspired Vlog #171: Who Am I Helping?
By John O'Leary
A Lesson on Servant Leadership The great Zig Ziglar wrote, “You can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” In my experience of speaking to ...
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April 24, 2018
The greatest line of all time
By Josh Sundquist
The greatest line of all time
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April 24, 2018
Why The 5 Second Rule Works: The Science Explained
By Mel Robbins
Motivation. It's not a real thing. We've all bought into this idea (it's more like a lie) that motivation is what will finally push you to go after your big goals and most unreal dreams. ...
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April 24, 2018
Because I Said So
By Steve Beecham
Didn't you hate hearing that phrase from your parents when you were growing up? Do you catch yourself using it when dealing with your own kids? Somehow, it works – or at least serves to end the conversation. And while ...
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April 23, 2018
Fitness and Fulfillment
By Dan Thurmon
What is the relationship between fitness and fulfillment? A shift in your approach to health and fitness may just be the key to your next personal or professional breakthrough. Want to receive these coaching videos ...
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April 23, 2018
Choosing Hope in the Classroom
By Kim Strobel
Why the Choices Teachers Make Matter As most of you know, I'm an avid runner--and an avid reader. So, one of my favorite recent discoveries is the Audible app. It allows me to download books and listen to them ...
April 23, 2018
Top 10 Speakers I Messed Up On
By Brian Lord
Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash As an agent, you try to help your clients find the very best speaker for your event, but sometimes you'll still get a message back that says "sorry, we went another direction.";. ...
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April 23, 2018
Are you making this common mistake?
By Maria Murnane
Are you making this common mistake? We learn to speak before we learn to read and write, so when we begin to put words onto a page it's easy to confuse those that sound the same (also known as homonyms ...
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April 23, 2018
Living Forward
By John O'Leary
Make Miracles Happen by Simply Saying YES “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” – Soren Kierkegaard Have you ever sat down and asked yourself, “How did I get here?!” Sometimes it’s after ...

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