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Shark Attack | Inc. Magazine

By Daymond John
If you thought that all of the shark excitement left with the end of Shark Week earlier this month, you were wrong...and Inc. Magazine is the culprit. Shark Tank star, entrepreneur and branding expert Daymond Johnwill be gracingtheir July/August cover! Daymond's story is a powerful example of the heights to which determination, passion and innovative thinking can take someone. He, along with three friends, founded the powerhouse urban brand FUBU in 1992 and ran the company out of their converted factory and ...
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Hey Pluto, You're Back in Style

By Stephen Harvill
OK, I couldn't resist, I had to do something about Pluto. Pluto, a diminished world, is now a superstar, residing at the very edge of our solar system, hanging out with its buddies in the Kuiper Belt where snowball-like objects call home. In January 2006 NASA, full of the excitement of exploration, fired off a huge Atlas V rocket to send out the tiny hero of this story, the New Horizons space probe. So small was this payload that it set an acceleration record traveling about 36,000 MPH into space and ...
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Don't let rental car snafus wreck your vacation.

By Michelle Singletary
Like many rental car customers, my husband and I declined the expensive insurance offered at the counter. We knew we were covered through our auto insurance provider. Additionally, the credit card we use covers rental cars. In my mind, if we got into an accident, I would just use the coverage offered by the credit card company. But during our recent vacation, we came out one morning to climb into our minivan and found that the bumper had been hit, or so we thought. In anticipation ...
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Interview | John O'Hurley & Seinfeld

By John O'Hurley
Award-winning actor, tv host, business leader and New York Times Best-Selling authorJohn O' Hurley is best known for his role as J. Peterman on the iconic show, Seinfeld. Fun fact: John actually is part-owner of the company, J. Peterman. Speaking of that, his noteworthy talents don't stop at American pop culture. John also has his roots in the business world with recurring guest appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg Network, Fox Business Channel and co-founding Energy-Inc., a sustainable energy company. ...
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“If you want to break sales records, you have to break some rules.”

By David Meerman Scott
As advertisers and consumers, most of us are more than aware that the marketing world has evolved. That being said, here are some important questions to ask yourself: do you/your business know how to adapt? Do you understand the nature of the shift and how it is shaping the future? Hopefully, you've answered these questions with a hearty 'yes.' If not, you're in luck. In a recent interview with Financial Planning Association, marketing and sales strategist David Meerman Scott shared ten ...
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What will creating financial freedom take? Lots of research, so start here.

By Michelle Singletary
In 1966, Margaret McNamara took a bag of used books to four boys she was tutoring in reading in Washington. She allowed each child to keep one, and they were delighted. Her giving soon developed into a program that would bring books to millions of children nationwide: Reading Is Fundamental. Since I started writing a column, I've tried to do something similar, except my mission is to get people to read more about personal finance. I started the monthly ...
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Find Your Buzz Today

By Vince Poscente
You would think at least one of us had life figured out with some form of stability, predictability or certainty. Look to your left. Max wants to make it big in the unstable music business. On your right, Alex has set her sights on the unpredictable entertainment industry. Isabella is determined to dance her way into the uncertain ballet world. Meanwhile, you launch into an unwavering dedication to a rebranding initiative which is a minefield of best-guesswork. All have the same intent. Reach that place where ...
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Obvious to You, Amazing to Others

By Todd Nesloney
As I sit on the flight back home to Houston, after spending an incredible week in Long Beach forNAESP, I keep having the same thoughts I do after most conferences or interactions with my peers.I need to do better.For years I've connected, traveled, and learned from others from all over the world. I've heard about incredible initiatives, classroom experiences, community opportunities, and more. I've seen the great work so many of my colleagues are doing, and I begin to feel like my ideas are ...

Passion is Powerful

By Shruthi Lapp
A few months ago I had the pleasure of working with Germania Insurance (based in Texas) at their annual sales conference with all their independent agents attending. The night before, at dinner, I had the opportunity to talk to several of their agents. I was fortunate to sit at the table with Matt & Kara Sodolak.(Matt is the insurance agent, and his wife Kara is in banking)I use the word "fortunate"; because, I was about to witness what I would best describe asTRUE PASSION for your profession. I asked a question ...
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A vintage baseball collection built on memories

By Michael Osacky
Sports memorabilia collector Mike Osacky holds a 1945 World Series baseball signed by the Chicago Cubs at his North Side home, the Cubs lost to the Detroit Tigers and have not been to a World Series since. Thursday June 18, 2015. Osacky is a serious collector. (Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune) ByRick Kogan At least once every week - "déjà vu all over again," as Yogi Berra might say - Michael Osacky gets a phone call in his Near North Side apartment that goes something like this: ...

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