I fly a lot during the spring and fall as I travel to speaking events.

I often try to talk to the people sitting next to me unless they are enveloped in a cone of silence, AKA headphones.

On one flight I was sitting next to a network engineer who helped run the IT department at a large company.


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You Were Created for Greatness

By Ruben Gonzalez, Posted September 16th 2014

Great people were not born great. They becamegreat by making a decision to pursue their dreamin life and by refusing to give up. The struggle wemust all face on the road to our dreams is whatmakes us great. Ordinary people can becomeextraordinary if they consistently and persistentlyfollow the...

Editor's Note: Entrepreneur Richard Branson regularly shares his business experience and advice with readers.

Q: I am an architect and a young entrepreneur. It’s fairly obvious that most of the world’s great entrepreneurs had issues with their early education. Why is this the case? -- Akosu Paul


How do you know you’ve got the wrong person on your team? Any team member can sometimes feel like a bad fit, but there are more tangible clues you need to know to determine if a team member is the wrong person than simply your emotions. Here areseven clues

1. You wouldn’t rehire him or her if you...

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Developing Your Vision To Succeed

By Ruben Gonzalez, Posted September 12th 2014

All great leaders have two main qualities: gutsand vision. Today we'll focus on vision.

You become what you think about all the time.Leaders think about the future most of the time.They think about where they are going and aboutwhat they can do to get there.

Non-leaders focus on the present, on the...

Motivational speaker and author, Michael Morton, was recently featured on CBS. He was wrongfully sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife, and has made many accomplishments upon his release, including a law that helps others who have been wrongfully convicted. Lara Logan reports.


There are no shortcuts to strengthening your credit score.

Say that to yourself three times a day until you stop trying to figure out or waste good money searching for an easy fix to boosting your creditworthiness.

I say this because I was taking calls from some radio listeners recently and a young...

Written by Megan Schaefer

“The Biggest Loser” will be returning to NBC on Thursday, Sept. 11, for more jaw-dropping drama when the show airs it’s anticipate Season 16 premiere. And according to reports, the upcoming installment of the reality competition, titled “Glory Days,” will be the series’...

Written by Don Brunell

Over the Labor Day weekend, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee gave a compelling commentary on the need for employers and employees to set aside their differences and partner.

Easier said than done, especially in today's often vitriolic and politically charged atmosphere.


Every time one of my children says, “Back in your day,” I wince.

After watching an old black-and-white sitcom, my son actually asked me if there was color television back in my day. His sisters thought it was funny. Me? Not so much.

I will say this. Back in the day, retirement was a lot less...