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Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth

Got problem students? This workshop is the Problem-Student Problem-Solver.

Your staff name the problems. This workshop delivers the newest and best solutions that exist for those exact concerns.

This workshop even has answers for work refusers, classroom management nightmares, absent students, bullies, and out-of-control youngsters. If you have found that "nothing works" with some of your students, then you have found your solution. This workshop shows you exactly what to do when conventional approaches fail.

The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach & Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop delivers 200 ready-to-use, more effective strategies to turnaround defiant, unmotivated, difficult, truant, violent, conduct disordered, oppositional, emotionally disturbed, depressed, non-compliant, learning disabled, and withdrawn youth and children ages 5 through 18. This workshop offers updated, innovative solutions that are more effective than conventional approaches.

If you are a teacher, counselor, special educator, social worker, psychologist, juvenile court worker, foster parent, or anyone workshop workbook workshop workbook who works with hard-to-reach, hard-to-manage youth and children, you will use every word of this workshop. Workshop participants will be asked to name the specific problem areas and ages that they want to cover during the course, and will walk out the door at the end of the seminar with 200 powerful, problem-stopping answers. The course workbook includes interventions and resources from our popular books, including our best selling Temper and Tantrum Tamers and Turn On the Turned-Off Student.

One and two day workshops available, plus college credit and clock hours.

If your training prepared you to work with Beaver Cleaver in the fifties, this workshop will turbo-charge your skills to fit contemporary students. Working with difficult students doesn't have to be so difficult. The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop is your Problem-Student Problem-Solver.

Your Classroom Management Problem-Solver
Fast, Effective Solutions Teachers Aren't Taught in College

Solve your classroom management problems right here, right now.

This workshop is packed with fast, effective interventions that most colleges and universities do not include in teacher training. If your college preparation did not give you practical, pro-active tools for classroom management, this workshop will give you the immediate solutions you've needed all along.

The top reason that good teachers leave the profession: they are tired of working in an out-of-control classroom. Effective methods do exist to control even “uncontrollable students.” This workshop shows you how to identify different types of students, and gives you methods to manage each type of youngster. You know dozens and dozens of ways to teach content. That's what you learned in college. This workshop gives you dozens and dozens of ways to manage behavior so you can spend more time teaching content.

This powerful workshop shows you how to avoid or stop all types of classroom management problems including disrespect, apathy, bad attitudes, truancy, bullying, talk outs, work refusal, and more. This course covers every student you struggle with, even students with ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, poor reading skills, poor language skills, poor attendance, and so on. You will gain an arsenal of methods that are designed to work with every student, even when conventional approaches fail.

Whether you need to stop your worst classroom management nightmare, or you want to prevent a nightmare from starting, this workshop shows you what to do. If you need to tune-up a good classroom environment to be even better, this workshop is your solution.

Discover how to set rules students actually follow. Learn how to manage unmanagable students. Learn innovative ways to build motivation and reduce apathy. Take away methods that build enthusiasm and interest in school. Discover how to transform kids into prepared, motivated, skilled students.

If teaching has become hard work instead of what you love, let this workshop show you how to spend more time teaching and less time contending with problem behaviors. Let this workshop show you how to put an end to classroom management problems, and return you to doing what you love: teaching.

Maximum-Strength Motivation-Makers
How to Motivate Motionless Students

Your college training didn't offer you hundreds of ways to motivate students, but this workshop will quickly make up for that.

Even if you have students who don't need school because they are going to play pro basketball, become the next American Idol, marry a wealthy man, win the lottery, or have their family take care of them, this workshop can solve it all. This seminar is packed with creative, one-of-a-kind interventions that convince students that they can’t even make it through the morning without more of an education. No matter what reason students believe that they don’t need school, this workshop has surprising methods that turnaround even the most unmotivated, disinterested, distracted, uninvolved and bored youngster.

If some of your students are at risk of dropping out, or they may ultimately lack essential education skills, this workshop is packed with methods that overwhelm the student with the truth about life without skills and a diploma. Stop struggling to teach students who don’t care about education, and let this workshop flood you with energetic, dynamic methods that leave youngsters understanding that they can’t even make it through the morning without education and a diploma.

Not only will this workshop turn you into a walking encyclopedia of motivation-makers, but you will learn how to reach unreachable students who just don’t care about anything, and appear utterly indifferent to attempts to get through to them. You will use our must-have apathy-busters every day to reach students who appeared unreachable. Even better, once all your students are more motivated to succeed in school, you will notice improvement in performance, attendance, behavior, attitude and more. Once your students believe that education is more important than the air they breathe, you will be working with transformed youngsters. Our solutions are not magic answers, but they are some of the most powerful, cutting-edge, new tools that exist. These approaches were created and tested with students just like yours.

Gather all the reasons your students say school and a diploma are a waste. Bring them to this workshop and we will flood you with compelling interventions that will show your students that school is the most important activity of their young lives. Think about what your job would be like if you were working with prepared, motivated, better behaved students. Let us make that thought become reality. We have the ready-to-use motivational methods you need now.

Control the Uncontrollable Student
The Secret to Managing Conduct Disorders and Oppositional Youth and Children

You are seeing more and more unmanageable youth, and these youngsters are becoming increasingly impossible to control. It seems like nothing you do works to control these children and youth. You wonder if a solution exists. You are tired, frustrated, and discouraged.

This workshop has immediate help for you. Educators are not taught how to manage conduct disorders and
oppositional-defiant youth and children, but mental health workers are. Let a veteran mental health counselor show you the do’s and don’ts of managing unmanageable youngsters.

Did you know that everyday, ordinary methods are going to continue to fail with these students? That’s the truth about what you face, so the sooner you learn the methods that work, the sooner you can love your job again. Remember: conventional methods always fail with these hard-to-manage students so ultimately you will continue to struggle indefinitely with them until you upgrade your skills to include special approaches crafted for this population. These targeted methods are easy to incorporate into the school and classroom, but they are not methods that you are likely to learn from within the education realm. In this workshop, a mental health professional will quickly show you what to stop doing, and also what to start doing to get back in charge. These basic mental health methods are not hard to learn, but they can yield startling results if your whole team learns them.

Stop worrying that your site may get more and more out of control or have a serious incident. As soon as your team attends this workshop, they will understand what makes out-of-control students tick, and what to do to best manage them. They will learn about how to more expertly supervise these challenging students, and will become thoroughly versed in pro-actively ensuring safety for both people and property.

If you struggle with violence, delinquency, bullying, non-compliance, disrespect, property damage, stealing, lying, harassment or defiance, don’t wait for a scary incident to happen. Pro-actively prevent incidents and problems from occurring by giving your entire staff the updated skills they need to best ensure classroom and school safety.

Estimates are that 11-14% of all students in the mainstream are severely misbehaved. That means you have at least several students in every classroom who will never be successfully managed using conventional approaches. Your staff need the specialized tools that exist for controlling these difficult students. Give your staff those tools now so that you can best ensure that all your team members can identify and control these youngsters. This workshop can literally be a life-saver.

What You Don't Know About Bullies Can Hurt
What to Do to Stop Bullying Now

Finally a workshop that covers both bullies AND bullied students. This seminar provides pro-active ways to stop bullying before it happens, and also shows you what to do if bullying does occur. You will learn ready-to-use methods to help both the bully and bullied learn new behaviors that can help end this cycle.

This workshop shows you how bullying starts and is maintained. It shows you concrete, pro-active methods to teach students to behave differently. It gives you targeted methods for each type of student you serve. The course will provide a special emphasis on students who gleefully torment others, seemingly without any remorse or compunction.

Stop guessing what to do, and learn what works to prevent and manage bullying. School is supposed to be a safe place for all children. This workshop will help that goal become your reality.

Doing the Impossible Just Takes a Little Bit Longer

We can't promise tears, but our keynote is just that good.

So good, that some of your listeners will be moved to tears.

Whether used as a rousing opening keynote address or unforgettable, closing send-off, this keynote will grab your participants' attention and give them a conference experience they won't soon forget.

A delightfully different mix of gentle humor and sad truths, this keynote takes an unflinchingly honest look at the state of education, and speaks the truth about the real world that today's challenged and troubled children really face.

The job of working with children has become impossible, many people say. This keynote will struggle to discern the truth of that assertion. The answer will ultimately leave your listeners utterly recommitted and determined to helping even the most difficult and challenged children they serve.

This thought-provoking keynote is a refreshing, lively change of pace for your conference, a roller coaster ride that will leave your participants thinking about your event long after your conference has ended.

Girls, Girls, Girls
Beyond One-Gender-Fits All Intervention Methods

For years, methods for boys have been methods for girls. But girls may have specialized issues and specialized needs.

This workshop is packed with must-have methods for girls. Learn novel methods for girls’ issues like pregnancy prevention, safety, self-esteem, teen parenting, school success, and goal setting. You won’t want to miss a single one of these innovative approaches including “Does a Girl Need a Guy Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle” and “If a Baby is the Answer, What is the Question.”

Participants name girls’ problems and receive dozens of powerful, more effective methods designed especially for use with girls and young women. Finally, there are methods that fit young females that can maximize your impact on your girls who struggle.

Many Additional Topics Available for Many Disciplines

* The Best Delinquency-Busters
* Stop Violence Before It Starts
* The Best Impulisiveness-Busters
* Bring Order to Conduct Disorders
* Counseling in Residential Settings
* Foster Parents' Guide to Troubled Youth
* The Court Workers' Guide to Delinquents
* Teaching the Socially Maladjusted Child
* Transforming Kids into Students
* Starting Your New Youth Program-- Right

We can craft a workshop for you to cover nearly any social, emotional or behavior problem that you are seeing in your children and youth

We train not just teachers, special educators, teaching assistants and principals, we train social workers, counselors, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, drug counselors, youth workers, foster parents, corrections staff and anyone who works with or parents difficult and problem youth and children.
If you have problem kids, we have the workshop that can help.

Stop School Violence Before It Starts

Discover how to spot serious school violence before it happens. Learn why conventional approaches often fail with hard-to-manage, potentially violent students, and discover what does work instead. This workshop delivers immediate, ready-to-use preventative tools for managing bullies, aggressive students, disrespectful teens, and non-compliant youngsters. Working with difficult youth doesn't have to be so difficult.

What Works with School Work Refusers

Finally discover the truth about what to do about students who refuse to work in school. Learn hundreds of ready-to-use, effective methods to turnaround work refusal, non-compliance, and poor performance in the classroom. Get the practical, must-have tools you weren't taught in college. You can help work refusers succeed in school. This course shows you how.

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