Dr. Glaucomflecken Flanary | Your friendly, neighborhood internet comedian-ophthalmologist who promotes humanity in healthcare, social media advocacy, and a healthy sense of humor.

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Dr. Glaucomflecken Flanary

Your friendly, neighborhood internet comedian-ophthalmologist who promotes humanity in healthcare, social media advocacy, and a healthy sense of humor.

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Dr. Glaucomflecken Flanary
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Humor & Humanity in Medicine

Dr. Will Flanary is known worldwide as Dr. Glaucomflecken. As a practicing physician and a survivor of cancer and sudden cardiac arrest, he knows a thing or two about the healthcare system. His comedy incorporates satire of the US healthcare system, the pervasive interpersonal conflicts in the medical system, and physician burnout. Through humor, he is a tireless advocate for expanding humanity in healthcare for doctors and their patients. With this keynote, you will definitely laugh, you might cry, all the while shaking your head at the problems facing the US healthcare system. After this presentation you’ll understand that  together, good people can do great things—especially if they have a Jonathan. 

Social Media for the Medical Professional

To his millions of online followers, Dr. Will Flanary is known by his alter ego Dr. Glaucomflecken. His videos satirize the US healthcare system and interpersonal conflicts in the medical system through a humorous cast of characters, each played by Will. While humor is a constant, he uses his social media reach to educate millions of followers about eyeballs and the US healthcare system and advocate for humanity in healthcare for doctors and their patients. With this keynote, you will see how social media is an effective tool for networking, educating, and a space where you can share helpful and accurate information with the general public. You will laugh out loud while gaining practical insights into using social media to draw attention to policies and practices that either support or harm your patients and profession. Regardless of why you log on to Twitter or scroll through TikTok when you should be sleeping, all of us in health care should use our experience and expertise to promote humanity in ourselves and our patients. Together, we can create and nurture a fun, supportive, and trustworthy online environment.

The Patient Experience in the US Healthcare System

As a survivor of two bouts of testicular cancer in his 20s and a sudden cardiac arrest in his 30s, Dr. Will Flanary has a lot of experience as a patient in the US healthcare system. As an ophthalmology resident, he started the “Dr. Glaucomflecken” account on Twitter, fresh off his second occurrence of testicular cancer. It allowed him to express frustration toward his genitals for having betrayed him and tell jokes about his life as a resident in ophthalmology. With his understanding of what it means to be a physician and a patient in the US healthcare system, he is uniquely positioned to promote humanity in healthcare for healthcare providers and their patients. As an internet comedian-ophthalmologist who has also been a patient too many times, Will delivers a unique presentation that uses powerful and humorous storytelling to illustrate the patient experience. 

Ophthalmology for the Non-Ophthalmologist

Let’s be honest, we're all huge nerds, but do you even really know how to spell ophthalmology? I get it. While I am your friendly, neighborhood internet comedian-ophthalmologist, I am woefully undereducated when it comes to cardiology, nephrology, or really anything below the nasal bridge. Ophthalmologists, like many specialties, don’t tend to venture outside their own small corner of medicine. If you have forgotten that one lecture you received about eyeballs or have questions about this tiny portion of the body, I’ve got you covered. As a practicing physician, I will share anything and everything about the eye, from anatomy and physiology to disease processes and latest research in the field. You will laugh, you will learn, and you might even see me, an ophthalmologist, on the weekend. 

Wife & Death

In this poignant and in-demand keynote address, Dr. Will Flanary co-presents with his wife, Kristin Flanary (aka Lady Glaucomflecken). By the time they were 35, Will had suffered two cancer occurrences and a sudden cardiac arrest. While Will is widely recognized as a cancer and cardiac arrest survivor, Kristin took on the unexpected roles of caregiver and “co-survivor” of these traumatic experiences. In May 2020, she woke up in the middle of the night to Will dying in their bed while their 8- and 5-year-old daughters were asleep in the next room. She called 911 and performed 10 minutes of CPR before help arrived. As a physician, Will has a unique perspective on being a patient, and vice versa. Kristin has behind-the-scenes knowledge of what it takes to be a physician, from being “married to medicine” from the pre-med years all the way to private practice. Plus, she has been a patient, a caregiver, and a co-survivor of multiple life-altering diagnoses. Together, their perspective on the healthcare system is distinctive and powerful. They have seen compassion and humanity and the lack thereof. In this multimedia, award-winning presentation, you will experience humor, amazement, and love as Kristin and Will share their story with the hope of making a difference. They strive to change how healthcare workers see their patients and their families and to remind them of the importance of compassionate care. They hope to make healthcare a little more human.

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Dr. Glaucomflecken Flanary

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