Waldo Waldman | Decorated Fighter Pilot. New York Times Bestselling Author. Expert on Teamwork & Trust

Waldo Waldman

Decorated Fighter Pilot. New York Times Bestselling Author. Expert on Teamwork & Trust

Waldo Waldman
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Never Fly Solo!

Known as “The Wingman,” Lt Col Waldo Waldman is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, a combat decorated fighter pilot, New York Times bestselling author, and executive coach. An expert on change management and resilience, he helps leaders build collaborative cultures of trust and courage in highly competitive, turbulent conditions.

During his interactive in-person (or virtual) leadership program, Waldo shares combat-tested tools and techniques on managing change, performing under pressure, and building trusting relationships to help build courage, commitment, and revenue during challenging times.

Leaders will learn:
• How to leverage one’s mindset to maintain focus amidst uncertainty
• The three steps peak performers take to face adversity with courage
• Tactics to cultivate resilience and confidence to lead under pressure
• How to grow influence and impact with coworkers, clients, and partners

Waldo’s message inspires a “One Team, One Mission” culture and reminds leaders that winners Never Fly Solo®.

"Top Gun Leadership" How to Build a Culture of Courage in Business and Life

• How can you instill a climate of ownership in your organization so that every person feels like they are accountable and responsible for its success?
• What tools can you employ to motivate the members of your organization to focus on the mission rather than themselves?
• How can you help create an organization where change and innovation are not met with fear, but embraced with courage and respected as a tool to beat the competition?

The key to building a high powered organization that encourages innovative thinking, loyalty to the mission, effective communication, and a relentless commitment to excellence lies with its leadership. In this high energy, multimedia workshop, Waldo highlights the difference between managing people, and leading them to be responsible, empowered and confident wingmen! What results is a more productive and efficient organization with superior morale that can rapidly overcome challenges in a competitive marketplace.
Waldo discusses proven leadership principals based on his experience as a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, as a seasoned Air Force officer and combat decorated fighter pilot, and experienced businessman. Relentless self-discipline, passion for the mission, dedicated teamwork, and a commitment to excellence are just a few key elements of this engaging and highly interactive seminar.

Following this highly interactive and fun session, audiences will learn peak performance leadership tools based on 4 key concepts:

I. Shared Vision
a. Each and every wingman in your organization must know exactly what they are fighting for. They must be committed to the mission, and understand exactly how their unique role in the organization is essential to its success.
II. Values Based Culture
a. Integrity, accountability, mutual respect, and teamwork must serve as the foundation for all relationships between employees, and with partners and clients as well.
III. Effective Communication
a. Leaders listen aggressively and communicate their vision with passion. They promote open communication and connect with the heart and soul of their wingmen.
IV. Train to Win Mindset
a. Successful leaders command flawless preparation, not flawless execution. They encourage their wingmen to expand their capabilities, and consistently reward high performers who take calculated risks and ‘push the envelope’ in order to grow.

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Waldo Waldman

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