Umbilical Brothers

Umbilical Brothers

A Felicitous Mix of Mime, Sound Effects and General Wackiness

About Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers Off-Broadway show, "Thwak," won a Drama Desk Award nomination for the "Most Unique Theatrical Experience." Featuring two bizarre Australian performance artists, The New York Times said of their show at the Minetta Lane Theater "It s a hit!" and called it "Wildly
creative and wildly funny." The Daily News wrote, "They will have you howling with delight! Blue Man Group and Stomp...make room for Thwak." Time Out called the show "Twisted, marvelously peculiar and ...

A resounding success! This unique theatrical experience will have you howling with delight! It can only be described as a Nintendo game or "Ren & Stimpy" cartoon come to life. These guys possess an uncanny knack for creating every sound effect imaginable.


Up to the minute tomfoolery in the new vaudeville tradition of thinking man's clowns. Like Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd on the set of Terminator 3!


Twisted, marvelously peculiar and absolutely hilarious! An uproarious fiesta of carefully choreographed mayhem. A carnival of outlandish fun! A hell of a good time!

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