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Don’t PIVOT, just rethink the plan
It's no secret the world has been put on its head! Business leaders everywhere are just trying to work out how to get things done as efficiently as they can, and not go broke in the process. And everyone is hammering the concept of a need to 'PIVOT'! In reality, that's the worst thing a business leader can do. To your team, and ...
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Leading a Decentralized Workforce
In recent months, leaders all over the world have had to find a new way to lead a somewhat scattered workforce. For some of us, working from home or having part of our teams work from home, was not unusual. What was unusual was to have ALL of our teams work from home, with the added distraction of the rest of their family being at home with t...
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THE SMALL BUSINESS ANTIVIRUS Small business owners and leaders need to get busy to protect their business against the impact of this virus, as unfortunately it has the potential to bankrupt more people than it kills. I'm no doctor, but I have got a pretty good prescription for any small business owner or leader to survive this rollerc...
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A 2020 Vision For Business
As we head into a new decade, the holidays will no doubt be a time for reflection on the last ten years, and a time to consider the next ten. So, what will the next ten years hold for business leaders? Well, for many of us we turn to 'experts' for advice on 'what's next' as we try and navigate our way through business and life. How...
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It’s The Bottom Of The 9th!
With only a few weeks to run until the end of the year, for many business leaders, it's starting to feel like the bottom of the (never-ending) 9th! It's also about this time your focus on winning the game shifts to a focus of just finishing the game, win or lose. And in one of those moments a very long time ago I developed a simple pro...
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5 Business Rules You Should Break
For years we've lived by a number of standard business rules, but as the landscape of business changes, so to do the rules. Here are the top 5 rules you knew and lived by, but that you should now be breaking: Growth is Good:Not all new business is good business.After a period of fast growth in one of our businesses, I analyzed our $6 milli...
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It's Halftime!
It's about this time of the year that you can feel the halfway mark approach. It's a time of reflection, a time of anxiety, and, for some, a time when we start to fear we are not going to get the things done this year that we would have liked to…. THIS is the moment in time when our New Years resolutions and goals go out the window as - it's ...
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I am often asked about how I get so much done in such a short period of time, so I only have to work 3 days a week. It's not rocket science it's just a series of habits that I follow every day. THE 'CAN DO' LIST First up I spend 20-30 minutes organizing my head. I make three lists, things I can change, things I have changed, and t...
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What goes around comes around - are you ready for the next financial correction?
It's a clear day, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, dogs and cats are playing together, a unicorn just danced for you on your front lawn. Life is goooood. There are clouds in the distance, but they will pass. There is too much good energy around you, what can possibly spoil this perfect day? (Insert deep joyous sigh and blissful smile)....
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