Trinity Irish Dancers

Trinity Irish Dancers

America's Best-Known Irish Dance Troupe

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Chicago, Illinois, United States
About Trinity Irish Dancers

The Trinity Irish Dance Company will quickly dispel any notions you may have about Irish dance. Artistic Director Mark Howard (see bio below) founded the company in 1990, as a means to providing professional career opportunities to students who had no outlet for Irish dancing beyond the competitive circuit. This innovative nonprofit company is constantly searching for original means of expression, while maintaining a high regard for old traditions. As a unique, Irish-American company, ...

If the altitude had let them, the audience would have demanded encores nearly all night.


Trinity lifts Irish dance to new plateau. She is constantly pushing limits & expanding the range of the art in every direction. Trinity is not only the most interesting Irish Dance Company, it is one of the most interesting dance companies of any kind.


Impeccable, rapid-fire rhythm. Miraculous unison. Trinity Irish Dance Company's repertory crackles with innovative step dance patterns . . . keeps us attentive to the plain glory of flashing feet.

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