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Travis Bradberry

Travis Bradberry Travis Bradberry

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Taking Your Game to the Next Level
Each of us is looking for new and powerful ways to manage, adapt, and strike out ahead of the pack. This session will enable you to capitalize on your emotional intelligencea skill set that’s responsible for 58% of your job performance. In this session you will discover: •What EQ is, how it works...
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Upping Your Leadership Skill Set
Ninety percent of great leaders are high in emotional intelligence (EQ) and it’s the #1 predictor of leadership excellence. Understanding this “science of emotion” and incorporating it into your repertoire will take your leadership skills to new heights. In this session you will discover: • What...
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How to Use EQ to Increase Leadership Capacity And Job Performance
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is responsible for more than half of workplace performance, and is the #1 predictor of leadership and personal excellence. Better understanding this “science of emotion” can help you to increase the effectiveness of your leadership development initiatives. Join us for...
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