Tommy Spaulding Text Reviews

Everything Tommy Spaulding does he does with passion, energy and insight. He gives his whole heart in every keynote. He's one of the talented speakers in the country. I can't recommend anyone more highly for your organization.
Ken Blanchard - Author, The One Minute Manager - The One Minute Manager
A fresh, and heartfelt look at creating, building and maintaining relationships that matter. Tommy Spaulding's concepts of "five floors of relationships" and "relational competence" can produce positive life-altering returns.
Pete Coors, Chairman - MillerCoors
I've never seen anyone connect with and move an audience like Tommy does. His real-life stories breathe life into our own aspirations as leaders. Mark my words: Tommy Spaulding will soon be one of the top ten speakers in the country.
Steve Faber - - Best Selling Author
In "It's Not Just Who You Know," Tommy Spaulding delivers his ideas and life experiences in a way that can really help people achieve relationship excellence. This book should be required reading.
Lee Cockrell - Retired Executive Vice President - Walt Disney World
“Tommy Spaulding’s keynote was exactly what I was hoping for. He was engaging, in- sightful and most of all heartfelt. There are many speakers that can inspire from the stage – and he did inspire – but more importantly he connected with everyone in the room. His connection through his stories on the concept of “five floors of relation- ships,” touched everyone and left a lifelong impact. I would highly recommend him for any organization building a culture of trust and service.”
Jodi Rolland, Managing Director - Merrill Lynch
Tommy's keynote was truly inspiring. If your sales team is serious about building stronger relationships and achieving better results, his message is one you need to hear.
Greg Hopkins, Executive Vice President of Global Sales - Stream International
Relationships are the cornerstone of success for any organization and Tommy's message of focusing on the ROR--Return on Relationships--perfectly captured and reinforced the environment we are striving to create here at BDO.
Wayne Berson, Chief Executive Officer - BDO
In my 18 years in real estate I have listened to many speakers. Tommy is the most genuine, most inspiring, and most impactful speaker I have ever heard. He touched the hearts of our whole company and created an unforgettable experience for our retreat.
Eric Thompson - The Group Real Estate
Not only was Tommy's message received with a standing ovation, but he proved to be one of the most gifted speakers I've experienced in my 20 plus years working with chambers and associations.
Mick Fleming, President - American Chamber of Commerce Executives
Tommy Spaulding's speech inspired our leaders to focus on creating meaningful relationships with employees and guests in order to improve our business and their personal lives.
Scott Sibella, President and COO - MGM Grand
Everything Tommy Spaulding does he does with passion, energy and insight. He gives his whole heart in every keynote. He’s one of the most talented speakers in the country. I can’t recommend anyone more highly for your organization.”
Ken Blanchard, Author - The Ken Blanchard Companies
His ability to personalize the message and connect with our 'best of the best' was simply amazing. Tommy's own sales experience added to his relating to the group.
John Ruble, VP, Global Sales Operations - Marriott Vacations Worldwide
Tommy was amazing! The feedback was off the charts. One of the best speakers, if not the best speaker, we've ever hired for our national conference.
Dylan Taylor, Chief Executive Officers, USA - Collier's International
Tommy was instrumental in setting the tone for our national conference. He inspired our group to look at the value in every relationship. We received many calls of thanks from our attendees who truly took Tommy's special message into their hearts.
Hoyt Jones, President - Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems
Tommy masterfully illustrates case by case, person by person, that we're all in this together.
Woody Johnson, Owner - New York Jets
Tommy's keynote address and teachings will help build a culture in your organization that grows your most valuable assets . . . your employees and customers.
Larry Kellner, former CEO - Continental Airlines
The interactions Tommy has had with my team have been transformational, to say the least! Tommy's seminars and teachings are inspiring and allow the participant to begin incorporating new ideas and initiatives immediately.
Margie Tlapa, Vice President Corporate Realtions - Ashford University
A fresh, and heartfelt look at creating, building and maintaining relationships that matter underscored by the importance of making a difference through service to others.
Pete Coors, Chairman - Molson Coors Brewing Company
Tommy's personal stories about relationships help an audience think differently about the barriers that can exist in personal and professional relationships.
Eric Wyatt, REgional VP - Starbucks Coffee Comapny
Tommy's message is fundamental and important to all of us who are trying to make a contribution to the world. It applies equally to the professional and personal realms.
Dolfe Berle, President & COO - David and Busters, Inc.