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How to Go From Underdog to Top Dog in 90 Days or Less
Proven strategies, even for the little guys, to out-market the Big Guns. Audience members will walk away from this presentation inspired, motivated, and armed with new and powerful tools. And, they'll immediately be able to take these tools out into the real world and to outperform any...
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Skyrocket Your Sales by at Least 10% in 120 Days or Less
In this presentation, Tom will give you the step-by-step blueprint for marketing success. Your audience members will learn the secrets of using 35 common sense principles of Neighborhood Marketing, and Four Walls promotion. It is a rare opportunity to learn from someone who has built his own...
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67 Proven Killer Promotions For Outrageous Success
Do you have marketing challenges? Don't worry. In this speech, Tom will reveal 67 of his most successful and innovative marketing tactics. If you are looking for fresh, bold and creative solutions, this speech is a must for you. You'll get the hottest and most creative solutions to your...
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Gain an Unfair Advantage with the Art of Four Walls Marketing
Book this speech and transform your profits! Tom reveals why Four Walls promotion is the H.E.A.R.T. of the marketing matter. (Hiring, Education, Attraction, Retention, Training). Give your people the knowledge to become dynamic strategic marketing gurus. Discover how to create and implement...
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