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Tom Feltenstein

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Today's generation of marketing professionals are likely coming from the leading business schools across the nation. They probably espouse the need to build a brand, gush over how to exploit the Internet, and propose marketing dollars be poured into mass-market advertising. But for over four decades, marketing guru Tom Feltenstein, who is long respected as the champion of innovative Neighborhood Marketing, has advocated for the exact opposite.

Tom, who prides himself on not owning a computer, ...

Your presentation style delivered in a rapid and humorous style made a strong connection w/ the audience. Your sayings, often in rhyme are meaningful and memorable. I particularly liked your comment, "It don't mean a thing if it don't go Ka-ching."

Kenneth Walker - Meineke

Your session was exactly what we needed! It moved the mindset of our franchisees from "marketing success is the responsibility of the franchisor" to "it's mine." LearningRx will be the one system that will fully implement your neighborhood marketing.

Ken Gibson - LearningRx
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