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Tom Faranda

Tom Faranda has been a candidate for the United States Senate, President of The Hospital Corporation of Chicago and the National Accounts Sales Manager for Masonite Corporation. He was named 'one of the most exciting speakers in America' by MEETINGS & CONVENTIONS MAGAZINE.


EDS Corp, $22 Billion - Ron Rittenmeyer, CEO
"Tom, thank you for your help making us a success at the global client council. Your energy and content was really great. We had an excellent meeting overall and great feedback on you!"

AFFINIA GROUP, $2.2 Billion - Terry McCormack, CEO
"Tom is an outstanding speaker-the most knowledgeable on the Global marketplace I have ever listened to. Tom was our keynote speaker at my International Leadership Conference last year and he did a fantastic job."

Metal Treating Institute, Lance Miller, ED
"You did it again! For the 14th time your Keynote made me look great! Your stirring presentation on "Global Realities" was absolutely on point and your 'style and substance' approach was perfect. I will continue to recommend you to others."

Few speakers know the global world as well as Thomas Faranda. His clients have included Siemens Engineering Germany, IBM Europe, Siemens Medical South Africa, Thermo-King Japan, Ford Canada, GE (on five continents), Prudential Singapore, Creative Communications India, St. Thomas USVI, INTEL, Motorola, 3M, IBM, Honeywell and corporations across the globe.

Tom Faranda's businesses have included:
Hotels in America and Costa Rica, an African Pepper Gas firm, a software firm, an ATM firm and, a global consulting firm focused on business growth and profit. He has the credibility and experience people respect. Tom Faranda has earned a BS, an MBA in International Business and a Doctorate( abd).

His books include "The Global Sales Professional" and "Uncommon Sense Leadership".
He has published over one hundred business articles.
Tom Faranda has the credibility and experience audiences respect and demand in a featured speaker. Thomas Faranda has been a guest lecturer for universities in S. Africa, the UK, Australia and an adjunct professor of business at the University of Minnesota. He has lived and worked overseas for over 25 years.

Tom Faranda - "Style & Substance"
Tom Faranda's style is fast-paced and compelling to promote energy and to get a 'buy-in' from participants. His global examples, bottom-line techniques, stories and humor create a compelling experience which motivates leaders to use his new ideas. He challenges the participants and makes them part of the program. Finally, Tom Faranda is one of the few speakers with enough top management and entrepreneural experience around the globe to welcome Q & A at the end of the program so each participant can get their specific questions answered.

As an adventurer, Tom Faranda has climbed some of the tallest mountains around the world. He has raced 100 mile cycling events, competed in triathlons, duathlons, 100k ski races and many other events. He is a pilot, SCUBA diver, river rafter and mountain climber. He donates his time as a board member for several music and theatre arts organizations.

Thomas Faranda is a global executive with much to say and a speaker with the style & substance to say it.

Testimonials From Satisfied Global Clients

"You presented a great keynote. We want you back next year !"

Siemens Germany
"Your consulting in our medical and engineering divisions on five continents was outstanding."

Creative Communications of India
"The senior executives of India will never forget your insights to grow their businesses."

"Your ideas on technology and making money are fantastic."

MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation)
"Your presentation on China was the highlight of an extraordinary meeting. The excellence of your talk set the stage. Comments were were euphoric-an amazing feat. Tom, you hit the mark and then some. You'll be back!"

Working Women of South Africa
"Your ratings were outstanding as evidenced by the amazing standing ovation...thank you."

IBM Europe
"You gave our customers 'pearls of wisdom' they can use--you were a great hit!"

MPI (Meeting Planners International)
"It was a delight working with you--you are responsive, professional, great."

Audio Word South Africa
"You helped us penetrate new global markets. Thanks for going an extra mile to help us."

"Your great use of global examples, anecdotes and humor makes your presentation great!"

International Travel Managers / Business Travelers Asn
"You were outstanding at our conference in Edinburgh...come back for a third time!


This is the most stimulating and thought provoking global business program in the world. It is an amazing trip around the world that shows you, by country and with a specific time line, what is going to happen in the next ten years that will affect YOUR bottom line.
Tom Faranda will provide specific global forecasts based on strategic information from senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs based around the world. His knowledge also comes from legitimate inside information from government officials and others who are part of each country's network.
This program provides an objective world view
and also key future trends in global business.
It is fast-paced and filled with examples, stories and global humor. As a result of this program, you will be able to maximize the growth and profit of your organization in the
global market. This program is an unforgettable look at tomorrow.


Tom Faranda will explain what is going to happen in America over the next ten years and what this means to you and your organization. He will explain how economic, political, social and legal changes in America will impact the country and the world.
He will discuss GDP, the US Dollar, global currencies, the national debt and key business principles for growth and profit. He will provide specific forecasts with time lines and he will show how to return America to growth and prosperity.
This program provides an objective,
‘real’ view of AMERICA.
This is a fascinating, fast-paced program filled with
examples, stories and humor. It is an unforgettable
look at our America over the next ten years.
As a result of this program, you will be able to:
1. maximize the growth and profit of your organization
2. create your own North American strategy for growth
3. understand the future of America the next ten years


This program is an in-depth study of how the BRIC countries
will change your global strategy over the next ten years!
Tom Faranda will detail their economy, growth plans, world
views, competitive advantages and future plans. He will
show you their strategic plans to take control of the world
and become the key economic engines of this century.
As a result of this program, you will be able to:
1. create your own growth and profit strategy to compete
in this new world of shared global power.
2. understand how to work with the BRIC’s for your
own corporate bottom line and your personal success.

Tom Faranda
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Tom Faranda

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