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Tom Mitchell

30+ Year Marketing Veteran, Healthcare Marketing Expert

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Tom Mitchell
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Current: CommonWell TV interview with Tom Mitchell, MEDHOST

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CommonWell TV interview with Tom Mitchell, MEDHOST
Time 01:52
Managing A Brand Across An Enterprise
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Finding Life Balance After a Tragedy

Learn from Tom’s personal experience about balancing personal and professional selves after a tragedy, losing his oldest son, Drew, at age 22 to an undiagnosed medical condition.

After a tragedy, it’s easy to stay down or bury yourself in work or non-productive activities. How do you move forward? Where do you find help and motivation? How do you learn to balance life demands?

This program will provide you with valuable insights into what’s needed to fuel yourself after a life-changing event. More balance and self-evaluation is required to move ahead in a “new normal”. What drove you before the event will not drive you afterwards. What do you need to do to adjust?

You Will Learn To:
Find out it’s okay to ask for help
Live with a purpose
Find compassion in your life
Help others based on your experience
Find harmony and balance between your personal and professional lives
Apply all these tough life lessons in everything you do for future success

What the Heck is a Healthcare Consumer?

Learn from Tom’s experience as a healthcare marketing executive and understand what’s behind the move to healthcare consumerism and if it’s redefining healthcare.

As traditional healthcare models undergo transformation, the emergence of healthcare consumerism is bringing new ways of viewing patients and populations. We’ve all heard the term healthcare consumer. Do we really know what it means? Who they are? What impacts will they have on our markets?

This presentation will provide you with a new way of viewing healthcare and understand that healthcare consumerism is more than another buzzword of the day, but is here to stay.

You Will Learn:
Who healthcare consumers are
What impacts healthcare consumerism has on traditional ways of delivering care
The different personas of consumers seeking healthcare
How to market to patients – as consumers
What technologies can be implemented to address this transformative development
To advance your understanding of healthcare markets and the populations being served

The Past, Present and Future of Healthcare IT

Learn from Tom’s experience as an executive in the Healthcare IT industry and what the future holds while examining the past and present market conditions

With all the changes occurring in healthcare, it’s an exciting time to be in the industry. There are many old technologies that are on the way out, rapidly being replaced by technologies that are nimble, Cloud-based and focused on improving the business and delivery of care.

This presentation will provide you with new perspectives of traditional healthcare technology and exciting new developments. Technology is not only improving the quality of care for patients, but the overall experience. While patients continue to be at the center of technology advancements in healthcare, there is new technology that is driving innovation in clinical setting. With a new focus on health and wellness are taking center stage and the move to consumerism, there is also a renewed entrepreneurial spirit in health IT.

You Will Learn
What technology is becoming outdated and what it’s being replaced with
About innovation in healthcare
What patients except today from engaging with providers through technology
How investments in technology can be maximized

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Tom Mitchell

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