Todd Nesloney | Founder & Author Of "Kids Deserve It", White House Champion of Change, 2x TEDx Speaker

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Todd Nesloney

Founder & Author Of "Kids Deserve It", White House Champion of Change, 2x TEDx Speaker

Todd Nesloney
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Difficult Conversations

As educators and leaders, we all have to lead (or be present in) conversations that aren’t easy to have, even more so when we have to do these virtually. In this session, Todd will share his 5 steps on how to have successful difficult conversations in a virtual and in-person setting. Whether you are leading the meeting or coming as an attendee. Coming prepared with a game plan is the best tool we have.

Tell Your Story

Time after time we find ourselves getting lost in stories. We go on adventures, suffer heartache, celebrate wildly, and suspend belief as we consume the story of others. But how often do you find yourself sharing YOUR story? Letting others experience your journey. In this session, Todd Nesloney will share pieces of his story and how important it is for others to experience yours. He’ll share practical ways that you can take that first step, tools you can use, and ways to overcome that fear and self-doubt. Why? Because every story matters.

Family Engagement

We all know the importance of getting the family involved in what’s happening at school, but so often we don’t even know where to begin. Throughout this conversation, Todd will give you actionable items that you can use immediately to actively involve all families (even virtually!).

Tech Tools with Todd

For Administrators: Everyone likes a good tech tool that will make their jobs easier, right? Todd knows a handful of tools that exists that can benefit any administrator who is looking to keep organized, get out of their office more, and save some time!

For Educators: Throughout his career, Todd has utilized technology to increase his teaching capacity. In this session, Todd shares some of his favorite tech tools and uses personal experiences and stories to show the true impact of having kids (and adults) create with technology, share their story, and collaborate.

Todd Nesloney
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Todd Nesloney

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