Tim Gard

Tim Gard NSB, humor, Motivation Tim Gard NSB, humor, Motivation
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Tim Gard: Demo Reel
Tim Gard: Stress and Resiliency
Tim Gard: Hall of Fame Speaker on Stress and Resiliency 2019
Tim Gard: 8 minutes of Fun
Tim Gard: Hall of Fame Speaker – 8 minutes of Fun 2019
Tim Gard: Sizzle Reel

Tim Gard

Humorous Keynote Speaker, Corporate entertainer and Stress Reduction Authority

About Tim Gard

Biography for Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE 2/17/19

Tagline: Creating successful, productive, safe, happy people one laugh at a time.

Humorous Keynote Speaker, Corporate entertainer and Stress Reduction Authority

Energize, unite and inspire your attendees with a Hall of Fame tears-in-your-eyes-laugh-out-loud keynote speaker who teaches how to be more resilient and inspires employee enthusiasm and creativity.

Talented, Innovative and Memorable, TIM provides amazing take-home value delivered with ...

I thought the applause would go on forever. Obviously your Comic Vision has helped us all see better what is most important and how to improve our work environment and our work productivity.

James H. Solomon, Deputy Regional Manager, Annual Meeting Chair - United States General Accounting Office

Not only does Tim conduct wonderful, positive workshops, he is also good to work with while arranging the conference. Any human service organization will benefit by having Tim Gard give one of his presentations.

Margaret M. Mann, Member - Mountain State Chapter National Eligibility Workers Association

Not many people can take an hour and make it a lasting memory. You did! People are still telling your "zipper" story and "Pride & Joy" pictures are appearing everywhere. I never would have believed identifying ways to relieve stress could be so much fun.

Shirley Wilson, Technical Education Manager - Texas Department of Human Services

Listen to any other comedian and laugh for the moment, or learn to use your Comic Vision

We all smile and laugh in the same language regardless of our differences . . .

Laughter Becomes You!

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